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    Clouds of smoke?

    I would recommend La Gloria Cubana Serie R #6 or #7, preferrably in maduro. The 6x60 (#6) and the 7x58 (#7) will produce a huge volume of smoke. They also have a good med-full flavor that is rather complex. I've had some friends who prefer mild smokes truly enjoy them, so don't be afraid of the...
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    Here's an odd taste question

    Never tasted pumpkin in a cigar myself. I've had something that might be close to nutmeg maybe, but I'm not a "note" connoisseur. It was a mix between woody and nutmeg I guess. Pumkin pie often has that nutmeg flavor. Just a poorly organized thought.
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    Smoking in the Cold Canadian Winter

    I'm on the doorstep of Canadia, and we have 4 seasons...June, July, August, and winter.
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    Smoking in the Cold Canadian Winter

    I was thinking of getting another herf together at Fuze in Rochester. The guys from work met up with a handful of gorillas last time and they're still talking about it. Now they want me to set up another... We'll see. Hopefully the legislature will leave us the f#$@ alone and we'll still...
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    Strongest Cigar You Have Smoked

    I was there. He was buzzin on nicotine no doubt. I think the Patagas Black are probably the strongest. I've had the JDN Antano (love it), LFD Double Ligero, and most of the rest mentioned and I lean toward the black as the strongest. I enjoy them all. I've also learned to enjoy some less...
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    '08 Newbie Brigade Recruitment Thread

    Can Dan even be the general of the 2008 newbie brigade? He's an '07 inductee officially! If so does that mean other '07 inductees can join, like me? I didn't make my first post until March of '08, does that count? Sorry Dan, didn't mean to start a coup d'etat
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    ***your New General***

    Congrats Dan! If anyone needs any gift ideas for the new General, please let me know. It seems like just yesterday he and I were both "newbs" meeting up at Mr B's to watch playoff games and enjoy a 'gar or two. Look at him now, he's a friggen general. I guess I should go check my PM...
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    I've heard nothing. I apologize I was not able to make it. I was supposed to PM you when I found...

    I've heard nothing. I apologize I was not able to make it. I was supposed to PM you when I found out, a day or two ahead of Sat 6/28. I'm sorry, I didn't get you word. I hope we can get together at the next herf. I owe you one. Mike
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    5 Vegas Series 'A'

    I like them a lot. I keep the Apoc's on hand at all times. You can get 20 of them on c-bid with a buy-now for $50. They are not overly complex but the flavor they do have is very good. Not harsh at all, with a good volume of thick white smoke. Hard to beat for the price, especially if you like...
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    Etiquette when going to an event?

    Dan, I appreciate the cigar you gave me. I expect none, and when given a cigar I'm thankful. I don't look down on gifts. The value of a cigar is all relative. Two of my "go to" cigars can be bought for under $3 per stick. I always bring extras and give them along with others. I do so because...
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    Smokes more complex/tasty and flavorful than RP vintage line?

    One of the more complex NCs I've smoked is the La Gloria Cubana #7 Maduro. It's full-flavored, but very well balanced. The only hint of harshness can come when you first light it. If you toast, purge, then puff you should be harsh-free from there on out. Mind you, the #7 is a 7x58 stick, so it's...
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    What in the world motivated you to start smoking cigars, anyways???

    My first cigar was given to me when I stood up in a friend's wedding. The father of the bride was handing out NC H. Upmanns. I stuck it in my coat pocket and said thanks. About an hour later the guys from the wedding party started lighting up on the patio of the golf course clubhouse where the...
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    Drinks. Which ones do you like with which cigars?

    I typically drink gin & tonic when smoking or not. Usually Sapphire or Tan. Ten. Although I've noticed a cab goes much better with a med-full maduro. I spent many nights last summer sipping Charles Shaw (yes 2-buck Chuck) Cab and smoking LGC #7 Maduro. Non-Alcoholic drinks: Usually water...
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    Me vs Nicotine - score: 0:2

    If I could bump your ring guage I would for that last post. Well put, and quite funny. Another mild-med brand you may want to try is Romeo y Julieta. Try any of their regular line. Some of their reserve/maduro stuff is med-full.
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    Nasty Find

    Now that was funny!!!