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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    Get the 120qt. :D
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    A little comedy from Famous

    My girlfriend and I spent a weekend in NYC with my folks. We stopped at the Davidoff store on Madison Ave and my Mom was looking at the humidors. It was around my birthday and she wanted to buy me one. After I started chuckling I told her to guess the price of one the shelf and she guessed...
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    Smoking man cave ready for operation

    Here's a couple shots of my Man Cave: I still have a ways to go cleaning all the junk out of here but I am confident it will be all ready for the winter.
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    Macanudo 1968 Toro

    Some completely different opinions over here -
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Terrible news. Best to you and yours Chuck.
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    Palio cigar cutter for big (nay...huge) fingers

    Good plan, I really doubt you will get stuck with a Palio. I never noticed this either. I'm glad you said something about that, I'll try to remember this for next time - I always put my middle finger on the top of the "arch".:tu
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    Third times the charm/ How long will you deal with a stick you are not enjoying?

    Anyone ever have one of those days where you grab a smoke, get an inch into it and bail? How about twice in a row?:r Third time was the charm here. The bands of the first two have been remove d to protect the innocent but I am really digging the Taboo LR. I feel like I am at the point now...
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    My first Oliva V

    Good to know, the JJ Maduro is on my short list to try ASAP.
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    I have a new favorite cheap beer.

    What a timely bump, I'm enjoying a Lionshead right now!
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    My first Oliva V

    That's the funny thing about taste. I love these but the Pepin JJ, for example, is way too spicy for me.
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    Cigar Roller for wedding? Any info appreciated

    Try calling Oro Cubano in Vineland NJ. The owner of the shop, Isreal, has a rolling table in the shop and rolls some excellent cigars. Perhaps...
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    My lighting method...

    You still are. :) I can't take credit for it, but I wish I could remember who orginally posted that info...
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    Oliva Serie V-my first and not my last!

    The best of the line, IMO.
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    I have a new favorite cheap beer.

    Yep. Not surprised, i think it is fairly regional.