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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    also agreeing with blueface. Pepins while not having cuban tastes are often complex and share some characteristics of cubans. Horrible these days I am becoming more and more of a habanos head. I still enjoy pepins and illusiones, some padrons. That said given the choice when I open the humi...
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    Are You a Fan of Graycliff Cigars?

    Espresso and the 1666 are what I like. The 1666 knuckle being my favorite of their sticks
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    Worst Cigar Ever

    I guess the bandwagon is a fun place to be. Pretty sure you have not tried all patels or gurkhas. They both make some bad and some pretty decent sticks.
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    Fox News Gurkha Interview

    They make some sticks I like and someI dont. I will say they definetly dont eat the cost of packaging. I think thats why on the online sites when you are getting the sticks without the packaging they are cheaper. As usuall though there are supporters and detractors of any successful...
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    Padilla Obsidian (CI bundle)

    these are good and they definetly bene from a few months humi time. Just smoked my last a week ago. should order some more. Rg bumped:tu
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    Graycliff 1666 PGX

    Yeah sorry about the string man. I actually like the flavor profile on these but not on the rest of the graycliff line. To each his own
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    USPS: did postage just double?

    Im in the mood. I will PM you my addy. I just want to be held though OO and King 1 of 3 Loving the Larryboy avatar. Got a tshirt that I wear. My son loves it.
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    I want an A$$ Kicker

    Go Gran Consul for the JDN :ss I just cannot believe no one has said the Camacho Triple Maduro. I would put that on par with the LGD Chisel and clearly stronger then a LFD DL which I think is more medium-full and not Full.
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    They charge what?

    Somehow anytime I see the words hooker and vegas I think of the movie "very bad things"
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    I got my A$$ kicked tonight.

    Joya DN gran Consul was my first Lito Gomez Diez was kinda bad but I ate so that saved me Camacho Triple M on an empty stomach is a HUGE NO NO!!!!!!Left me sitting on the couch not wanting to move.
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    La Aurora 100 Anos part 2

    I have had multiple. Never had a burn issue, or a harsh flavor. DOnt know what to tell u.
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    Carlos Toraño-Virtuoso

    I do like this stick. You should try his exodus 1959 good.
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    Taboo Special Forces Orginal Robusto

    i had this cigar and was not expecting much. This cigar suprised and impressed me.
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    DPG Cuban Classic

    :tpd: love these and the blues lately. Maybe the blue a little more. :tu
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    Non Spicy cigars

    pete Give it time after a while regular maduro sticks get boring. As to nicotine doesnt effect you, I can only say I dont think you have smoked the right sticks. Do me a favor and go smoke a camacho triple maduro or a litto gomez diez chisel. Start with those 2. next time you are in...