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    Vinotemp Pictures

    Here's mine with mtmouse shelves and Shilala beads. I'm using Xikar hygrometers. I could not be happier with it. Cheers! billy
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    Vinotemp Drain

    I did not modify the drain in my vino and the Rh in it has been steady at 65 % and 70 degrees F. I do have 65% Shilala beads in it and over a hundred cigars in it. (in this image the door was open for a minute or two thats why the humidity is low) You will be very happy with your purchase...
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    RH too high with 65% beads

    From what i've read here temperature has alot to do with RH. CLICKY
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    Favorite summer drink

    Mojito here also. The bacardi website has the perfect recipe. I also like to substitute 151 for the regular white rum, it gets the point across...:D
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    Illusiones Which ones are hard to get?

    Box of 15 1's @ $247 Box of 25 HL @ $225
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    Dark chocolate trick?

    At Target stores they sell Choxie Chocolate and they have the percentages on the package in big letters, 70% 80% 85%.
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    APO vs. Iraq

    You'll pay the same amount. All your paying for is a domestic package to the military base here in the states. Once it gets there it is up to the military to transport and deliver. If you attempted to send direct you'll end up paying much much more. The package most likely would not get to...