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    taboo HSG toro

    I just received a sampler from Taboo with the HSG in it; I'm not familiar with this blend so I appreciate your review immensely! :tu :chk:chk:chk
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    Anyone Going to Big Smoke Las Vegas??

    I'd love to attend, but it's just a bit pricey for me this year! I'll be looking forward to the reports from all of you lucky gorillas that will be there! :) :chk:chk:chk
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    I order from CI, Famous, Neptune and Finck's - depending on who has the best deals. I have ordered a number of times from Taboo, but mainly to get their Twists (a favorite of mine) and their Limited Reserve blends. If I want brand name cigars, I tend to buy from my B&M or the former list of big...
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    Something I wish Taboo Cigars would do...

    When I get Taboo's (other than Twists and LR's), I put a small blank return address label on the wrapper to tell me what the blend is. I do this on other brands too, especially bundles. You can buy a package of avery or dennison labels at most office supply stores for a couple of bucks. If I...
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    Columbus - Shawnee Cigar Company

    Shawnee Cigar Company 9226 Dublin Road Shawnee Hills, OH 43065 614-791-9210 Phone 614-791-9211 Fax Located in the northwest suburbs of Columbus, about 4 miles from the northwest corner of I-270 loop, this shop is another find - it's...
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    Columbus - Timba Cigar Co.

    Timba Cigar Co. 9697 Sawmill Road Powell, OH 43065 614-760-9730 Phone 614-760-9407 Fax Timba Cigar Company's retail store is located at 9697 Sawmill Road, Powell, Ohio at the corner of Sawmill Road and Powell Road, in the Northwest section of Columbus. Inside you'll find the finest...
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    $100 at Taboo - what would you do?

    Get some Twists and some Limited Reserves - Both great sticks. I prefer the Toro (6x58) in the Twist and the Figurado in the L-R's. Rob has samplers with both of these... Call them and tell them what you want!! :tu
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    Anyone have this Humidor? (and What do you think of it?)

    Another place to check is They have some excellent deals there - I've bought 4 humidors from them. They normally have "imperfects" also and I couldn't find anything wrong with the ones I have bought. :tu Good luck sliding down the slope!!! :chk:chk:chk:chk
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    butane advice. Shamelessly lifted from...

    Thanks for the info... I do this too and this is probably why I have trouble with my jet lighters! :tu
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    The Newbie 125 Cigar Setup!

    I'd suggest that you use beads. I started out with the humidifiers that came with my humidors; they are filled with green foam that you can soak with solution or distilled water (better and cheaper). I found that I was constantly having to mainain the humidifiers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis...
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro Figurado

    I just finished LR Maddie Figurado.... I don't usually use my nub tool, but this one was too good to waste any of it!! :tu
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro Figurado

    Definately order some sticks from Taboo! Rob and his guys are top-notch with their customer service. :tu While my favorite is the Taboo Twist (I've bought 3 boxes of Toros since I first ordered my sampler and I've given almost a box away to fellow gorillas and non-gorillas), the Limited...
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    Taboo Limited Reserve Maduro Figurado

    I have to laugh because I came upon this reveiw as I am sitting on my back porch, smoking the exact same stick. :ss I have to agree with Porigitty's review totally, although I'm only 1/2 way through my smoke. I also agree that I'm enjoying the maduro much more than the Havana wrapper that I...
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    Do you hate Drew Estates?

    I just bought a box of the Drew Estates Tabak cigars - these are the new coffee infused sticks, and they are really good IMHO. I'm not much on most flavored sticks, but the Drew Estates Java's and the Tabak's are very nice smokes, especially with a nice cup of morning coffee. :tu
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    Props to Kioki Cigars and Eric

    :tu I wanted to give some props to Eric and Kioki Cigars for the way they handled a problem that occurred with an order I placed with them. Early last month, Eric announced that he would be accepting pre-orders for the new line of Drew Estates "Tabak" sticks which are coffee infused. Since I...