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  • I really appreciate you stopping by the Tobacco thread and paying your respects with a little RG, thanks—Richard
    Are you still a fan of the grousemoore? I found a local shop here with a tin that is pretty old. Decal on the tin is very faded. Are you interested?
    Alyks is OK but he wants to be your friend because his name is first on the list. I am changing my screename to AAAmoo.

    Nice to have you in the pipe camp, A.
    Hey Alyks...

    Just smoked a couple of bowls tonight. One of Penzance in my Stanwell...and one of Butternut Burley in an old Brigham Sportsman. The latter tasted like crap tonight...I probably shouldn't have smoked that after Penzance, though. Oh well...the time was still enjoyable!

    Thanks for the boost to my RG. :)
    Thank you! This seams like a great friendly place, nice to see canadians too. This jungle seams like I won't find my out for a looonnngggg time :)
    Hey Alex - thanks for touching base. Thing are good here, although it's getting hot again (which blows). How's things in the Norther latitudes?
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