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    Alternatives to RP

    Arturo Fuente Cuban Belicoso.. this size is only made in the sungrown variety, and will cost you about $100/box. EXCELLENT smoke.
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    Bad Opus Xperience.

    I'll comment that I have no comment. One of the two B&M's here sells his for $80/stick, and the other B&M here in town, which actually got a fresh box this year, still wants $30/stick. So, unless I feel like pullin' my pants down and blastin' a tube of KY on my ass, I won't be having any...
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    Anejo's weird problem

    Given the wrappers are aged in a cognac barrel, which gives the anejos their sweetness, you've got to take into consideration that these leaves were aged in a very high moisture environment. I've heard some people say they've purchased entire boxes of them this year and they could ring them out...
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    What box will Santa be bringing you this year?

    Sadly, I doubt Jolly Ol' Saint Nick will have any smokes for me this year. Unfortunately that will probably have to wait until income tax time, given I've got three kids and a wife to spoil first, and then other family and friends. If I have a chance, hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on...