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    CigarFox fixes shipping issues

    Got my shipment the other day. No problems at all w/ the packing. the smokes were in excellent shape. :tu
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    DPG Cuban Classic

    You might of had a bad one. But, you really need to keep them @ 65% RH or lower. They smoke much better.
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    CigarFox fixes shipping issues

    Placed an order the other day. I got a confirmation e-mail and a tracking #. We will see how the packaging is. I should get it tomorrow. I'll give an update then.
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    Trilogy Exotic Maduro Robusto

    Double ditto. I have not met an AB smoke I didn't like.I'm slowly becoming an AB whore.:r Check out the Pryme Gold Series. Very nice cigar as well.
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    Mild but flavorful.

    Gurkha Expedition are mild and flavorful. Check out the Alec Bradley Pryme as well, very smooth and tasty .
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    The Habano Corojo,Maduro and Conn. are all very good. The ESV's are top notch as well. You also can't go wrong w/ the Reserve Champagne.
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    Favorite Go To Cigar

    LGC Series R Mad Lot 23 Maddy 5 Vegas A Artisan Thoug I've been really digging the DPG Blues lately:ss
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    Hey there CAMEROON fans

    Cuban Crafters Cameroon! Awesome smoke.
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    Ditched my Beads

    That is a good idea. I've been having a hard time since the cold dry weather has rolled in. I use the beads but also charge my foam w/ just distilled water. It balances things out. I may try the gel. :)
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    What lighter do you use?

    I was using the Ronson for a long time but I just recently picked up the Z-Plus insert. I think that is fantastic! :D
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    What Are Your Top Go-to Maduros

    LGC Series R Maria Mancini Magic Mountain 5 Vegas A Artisan
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    Most smoked brand...

    LGC Series R. I'm never without them. 2nd would be JR Salazar
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    KASR and DUCK deliver a Festivus Miracle

    Nice!! Cool bulldog too!!!
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    Palio V-Cutter?

    I'd buy one too. I dig the V-cut from time to time.
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    I didn't know when I traded....

    I almost fell off my chair laughing. Great BOMB!!