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    Ashton ESG Churchhill [pic]

    Nice review, these are some mighty fine smokes!
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    Retirement cigar help

    Tat's or maybe some Oliva V's. :tu
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    More Comedy

    Good point, but if the ashtray was in a $400 per month Beverly Hills smoking lounge it would fit. You would expect things like that. So it's all in your point of view.
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    Ashton (esg) churchhill & gof churchhill [pic]

    The Ashton is probably my favorite NC at the moment.
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    Stone 12yr anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout

    Nah, I just need to find a really long hose and a funnel. Could be the first nation wide beer bong!
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    My Cabinet Humi Project

    Great job! No how much did you say you were selling it for?:ss
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    That's right, OTT you should wait about 8-10 years before you light one up... just to stablize them.
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    Stone 12yr anniversary bitter chocolate oatmeal stout

    That sounds awesome, the logo rocks too. I'll have to see if I can find some.
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    Betsy Ross - Clear Havana

    Thanks for giving us the chance to try one:tu
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    Wrapper Came Off??

    I had that happen to an Opus, I was very bitter.
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    Look what I got today!

    That's awesome. I've neve heard of anyone getting a Vino for one stick before:ss
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    Smoking man cave ready for operation

    Freakin awesome!
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    Excalibur Legend Robusto

    Nice review, the Excal's are one of my all time favorites:tu