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    Clouds of smoke?

    I love billowing clouds of of the best I've encountered for that is the Rocky Patel Vintage 90 Sixty. Major smoke out of that tasty stick. And it is definitely more medium than full, so you might want to give that try.
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    Tatuaje recommendations

    I second the brown label recommendation, aka tatuaje miami, although I prefer the Regios size (it's a robusto). Excellent smoke.
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    When was the last time you were WOWED...

    A couple weeks ago I had a perdomo reserve maduro that I just loved. It was my third stick of the night, there was a definite chill in the air, I was sitting around a fire pit, drinking a glass of wine (which is actually unusual for me to pair with cigars - I'm usually a scotch or beer guy) and...
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    Can't really go wrong with any of those. I am on sort of a Brazilia kick right now, so that would be my recommendation to you. Although if that Perdomo Reserve is the maduro, I would be really torn because I'm also on a Reserve maduro kick at the moment :ss
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    What was your latest booze purchase?

    Fifth of Dewars Pint of Jim Beam (for cooking) 12 pack Sam Adams 6 pack Goose Island Nut Brown Ale
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    How long to salt test??

    I found the best way to do a salt test was to use my herfador 15 ct. That has a darn near air tight seal on it. I don't think ziplocks are as effective for the salt test. The herfador does great.
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    Xikar multi tool or Palio??

    I haven't ever used a palio, but I have the multitool and like it. I carry it on my keychain so that I always have it near. It did take a little getting used to, because if you cut a little too far down, it does seem to damage the cap more than a cut with the XI would. But if you just snip...
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    Container for beads?

    I bought a plastic butter dish at meijer for about $3 and turned the lid over. Works perfectly well in my 150 ct. In my cooler, I use a piece of tupperware without a lid on it. That works well also. I don't have a cover on either. As for the beads, most people say mist them until they...
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    CigarBid Fun Fact?

    I know and CI/CBid share a warehouse, but I don't know for sure whether they are the essentially the same company. I've been told before that is the higher-end operation, while CI does more deals. I don't know if that is correct, however.
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    CAO Brazilia Gol!

    Couldn't agree more. One of my favorites that I never let myself run out of. The amazon is a great size in this line too, but surprisingly a little lighter bodied than the gol.
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    Cigar Smoking vs. Health Concerns

    Something is going to kill you. It probably isn't going to be cigars. The studies that I have seen only find links to health problems after two large cigars a day. Even then, you are talking about doubling your risk of acquiring a very rare form of cancer or something else. So if it is...
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    CBid head scratchers..

    I just posted this in the other CBid thread, but it probably would have been more appropriate here. The people who pay above retail over there make it possible for the rest of us to get great deals on other sticks. Cbid has got to make money somewhere. Might as well be on the backs of idiots...
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    CigarBid Fun Fact?

    Somebody has to pay to keep the place open so the rest of us can get some great deals, I suppse.
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    Single Malt Scotch of Choice

    I enjoy Balvenie quite a bit too...I think I drank enough of it to float a battleship on Saturday at a wedding :) I am, however, partial to the Glenlivit 18 yr. And it looks like it just came down in price around here for some reason. It used to be about $75/fifth, but I saw it the other day...
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    Short cigar questions...

    As far as tin cigars go, I've found the cohiba red dot tins to be quite nice for a 15-20 minute smoke. I also have a few tins of 5 Vegas Shortys around from when they were first released. I'd be happy to send you a tin if you would like to try them. I think they are closer to a 30 minute smoke.