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    Tobacco Cache

    They have formed a private smokers club that is a separate entity from the shop. Currently they have club meetings after business hours on Thursdays and other evenings as needed. They are working on getting a separate location for the club, complete with humidor lockers, big screen TV, and...
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    Tobacco Cache

    Tobacco Cache 601 E Northern Lights Blvd, Suite L (Northern Lights & Fairbanks across from the Sears Mall) Anchorage, AK 99503 907-279-9411 Shop Hours: M-W 10-6 Th-Fr 10-8 Sat 10-6 Sun Closed For over 30 years, The Tobacco Cache has been Anchorage's premier retailer of fine cigars and...
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    Pete's Tobacco Shop

    Pete's Tobacco Shop 31 E 5th Ave. Anchorage, AK (907)274-7473 Hours: Mon-Sat 10AM-6PM A one-story yellow building with parking all around it, this tobacco shop is just a jaywalk across from the Sheraton Hotel. This place carries more than 90 brands of cigars and a complete line of...
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    Strongest cigar you've ever smoked

    Coronado by La Flor. Thing nearly made me sick it was so strong.
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    It's that time again. Crawfish and Stogies! (Pics)

    I have not had fresh crawfish in years. Hard to find them at all up here, even frozen or refrigerated. Grew up in Oregon near a few streams full of them. Mighty tasty.
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    Big Smoke Dates

    $200? I could buy a ticket, but would have to live on the street and dig through the dumpster behind the hotel for food. :D
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    Sancho Porn

    Who says a great cigar has to cost a lot of money? Sancho's are fantastic cigars.
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    North to Alaska

    I stopped by Smoking Joe's shop over the weekend. Located on Hufmann road in south Anchorage next to the McDonalds. A small shop, only been open a month now. They have a few cabinet humidors of cigars and carry some well known brands. A.F, Ashton, CAO, RyJ, H. Upmann, among others. They by...
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    I have had a couple squares over on for the last several weeks. Fun concept and a chance to win a bunch of sticks. They have some spots open right now if anyone else wants to get in on the action.
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    North to Alaska

    Salt is not used on the roads in Anchorage. They plow the roads and toss some gravel on the slippery intersections. The rest is up to your driving skills. The first couple snowfalls of the year weed out the speed demons and newbies to real winter driving. 4-wheel drive does NOT mean 4-wheel...
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    North to Alaska

    Few more links for you: Tobacco Cache- site not updated much, but there are photos of the shop. Pete's Tobacco Shop- Just address and phone info. You may find some cigars at some of the Great Alaska Tobacco Company stores. They are tobacco outlets for Carr's/Safeway up here. Some have a...
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    North to Alaska

    Oh, almost forgot. For a great resturant that is smoker friendly, check out the Bradley House. Great food and they have a nice sign out front warning people that it is a smoke friendly establishment. They have a pretty nice filter system so unless it is really crowded, you will not notice the...
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    Tampa Sweethearts

    I like the 180, 280 and 50's. They are one of the best smokes for the money for sure.
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    North to Alaska

    Alaska? Did someone say Alaska? Welcome to the Great Land bro! You will either love it or hate it. Seems to be very little middle of the road folks up here. If you are into outdoor activities, you will be happy. Anchorage has some of the best trails in the nation. I ride my bike to and...
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    thompson cigar company

    Their marketing rep offered me a free sampler when I first started to post on cigar forums. He wanted me to try them out and post what I thought. That was over three months ago and I still have not seen the sampler. I emailed him after 6 weeks and he said that they would be sent out right...