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    Help no cutter!

    Ohhhhh... That's just... That's just wrong. *grin* BWS
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    Punch or Cut

    I v-cut everything. Every once in a great while, a cigar will be tight, and it will get a 2nd v-cut, which produces an x-cut. Works pretty well. Am coming to the anecdotal conclusion that v-cutting rather than guillotining cigars extends one's cigar enjoyment by some as-yet-unknown number of...
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    Some Serious Friction on the Slippery Slope

    Well, not that this will help your productivity, but for about $100/year, you could see if IT will block an ssh connection. In semi-english, offers secure tunneling subscriptions. This enables you to surf sites using their proxy servers - since the traffic is encrypted from end...
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    In all my years of smoking...

    I must be doing something wrong :). Easily 90% of my cigars make it down to 0.5" +/- 0.25" with the aid of a modified alligator clip. Will start paying attention. I use the clip to avoid charred fingers. Often the best part of a cigar for me starts with 2" or 1" to go. If it's good from...
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    Just don't get it.

    It could come with six hookers with no gag reflexes and it would still not get $13K out of me. Well, not all at once, anyway. Um... never mind. All I really wanted to say was the line ending in "... because I am a douche bag" was laugh out loud funny - much to the momentary bewilderment of my...
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    Whats the website?

    Might there be a MacOS variant that anyone could recommend (other than Excel, which is what I'm using presently)? BWS
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    patio heaters

    After getting tired of frequenting places with either patio heaters with no tanks or nothing at all, I finally took the plunge and invested in a $25 propane bottle-top heater - all of 1000 BTU and sufficient for one person if it doesn't drop below 50F much and if there's not a lot of wind - the...
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    What a woman!!

    Now that's domestic harmony. I should be so fortunate as to find a woman that wouldn't freak out at the mere sight of a humidor, let alone have a true appreciation for the enjoyment that an occasional fine cigar can provide. Very nicely done, indeed. BWS
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    Favorite Rocky

    Favorite RPs would have to be: 1) Vintage 1990 - Churchill - these after six months in the humidor have been verrrrry tasty with notably oily wrappers. 2) Indian Tabac Super Fuerte Maduro PB - these straight out of the box/bag have been consistently good also with notably oily wrappers...
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    I think I am going to become a member what do you guys think????

    If I were in NYC and could rationalize $700-$1000/month for a membership, food, beverage, tips, and obligatory cigars, I'd consider it in the name of... business development - yeah, that's it. My $0.02 is to go for it - amortize the $5K over 36 months and give it a thorough 3-year trial run...
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    I think I am going to become a member what do you guys think????

    That's $450/month *plus* food, beverage, and cigars, right? Sheesh - much more than that and they'll start keeping the riffraff out if they're not careful :). BWS
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    I think I am going to become a member what do you guys think????

    666 5th Avenue? *LOL* LOVE IT! So I guess that means not a whole lot of fundies (fundamentalists) are members, eh? That aside, I wonder if 666 is as unlucky as 999 is lucky in certain cultures... I wonder what the west coast equivalent is. Then again, I suppose if I have to ask, I'm...
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    Building a new humidor (pictures included)

    Must be nice to have that kind of skill. Thanks for the pix - keep 'em coming. BWS
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    Line up for tonights game

    Looking forward to the Patriots making (more) history. Looks like you'll celebrate in style. The game tonight for me will be #18 Arizona at #2 Memphis. Memphis hasn't lost at home in something like 47 games and is a 9-point favorite (down from 12). Still, I like Arizona's chances...
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    just one brand...

    Tough call... if c, then - Ramon Allones if nc, then - Rocky Patel, with 3 or 4 close seconds behind that if I had to stock the next 1000 cigars, 70% would come from the above, 20% from the field, and 10% for long-term storage. BWS