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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    Do you use these? They are not even close to air tight so I dont see how they could maintain a constant Rh??? Please explain.
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    Tight draw on Padilla's????

    Obsidians need to rest a minimum of 3 monts. 6 months or more is preferred. A quick search will yield many threads on this subject. :tu
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    Tatuaje recommendations

    I like em skinny. Tat Red Angeles. Tat Brown Noella and Especiales. Tat petites are also a tasty short smoke. :2
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    Retirement cigar help

    Your original call of the AVO is a very good choice. Nice Mild/medium profile and very nice presentation. A cab of Tat's or Cabiguan's would also be very nice, but maybe to strong for him. :2
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    Suggestions to age 9mos?

    Two words, Party Shorts!:tu
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    When was the last time you were WOWED...

    This past weekend, a well aged and cared for PSP2.(Thank yo Pinoyman:tu) Last month, a top 5 smoke, Edmundo Dantes Conde 109.
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    Container for beads?

    Cracked beads work just as well as whole ones, Viper has made several posts affirming this. There is no problem using a plastic container, but you will switch over to bags, pantyhose or a tube the first time you spill them. :dr
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    Suggestions to age 9mos?

    9 months is a resting period, not true aging. Buy something you like and put it down. There is very little information on aging NC's more than a few(3-5) years, mostly these are just old leftover cigars and not truly intentionally aged. The main reason is that many NC's are made with aged...
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    my little brother.

    Very sad news, your brother and your family will be in my prayers.
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    Something I wish Taboo Cigars would do...

    :tpd::tpd:Different bands increase costs. I use a Sharpie if I really want to know what I am smoking several month's after a purchase. Its not too hard to come up with a shortcut to know which Taboo you are smoking. SFO, SFBC, HSG, EBII, etc. :2
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    Cozy's Blind Tasting

    #7 was on the menu last night. A Belicoso, approx 5 1/2 x 54, with a pointy taper. I like Beli's or torps with a more gentle taper, not the pointy ones. I had to make a few cuts to get a decent draw. First cut at about 1/2" only left an open end of about 3/8" so I made a second cut hoping the...
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    prayers maybe a bit stong but...

    Positive vibe's headed your way. Good luck!:tu
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    Wrapper Came Off??

    Yup, happens sometimes. Pretty random for me, it may be because the wrapper leaf was too thin or stretched too much. You only need to worry if it occurs regularly or with the same stick. Then it could be a humidity problem or a bad batch of smokes. :2
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    Anyone know what this cigar might be??

    Kind of hard to tell due to focus. It appears the tube is from a Cuban Upmann. But who knows what is inside. Take a picture of the actual stick with a closeup of the band. Use the macro feature on your camera. Here is a resource,
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    Thoughts and Prayers for GGainey's Fam

    Prayers and positive thoughts going out for Greg and his family.