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    Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Paul!!!!!!
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    Herf origin discussion

    I believe "Herf" is like the word "Smurf" (and gets its origin from it as well) It can be a noun, "I went to a Herf yesterday" It can be a verb: "I Herfed for 15 hours yesterday" It can be an adjective: "Yesterday was at Herfer Joe's house." It can be an adverb: "Yesterday, Billy smoked...
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    Happy Birthday Bro!!

    Happy Birthday Bro!!
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    Hey buddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes your package made it up here to Alaska...Thank you very much...

    Hey buddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yes your package made it up here to Alaska...Thank you very much!! Your note made me laugh very loudly!!
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    Illusione cg:4,888,2 and 88

    Nice! We just got the 88 and the 888 in the shop I work at. I smoked the 88 a few mins was quite tasty =)
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    My most prized cigar is probably the cigar that is worth the lest amount of money. It is a Perdomo Reserve Sungrown Torpedo. The reason it is so special to me is that I rolled it :D We had a rolling event at the shop I work at, and Raul Agulera, Perdomo's top roller, showed me how to roll a...
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    Tatuaje event...

    I work at a B&M and I have been lucky enough to have great conversations with a lot of people in the cigar retail business. I have found that many times when stores have events offering a free cigar, people show up JUST for the free cigar and leave. I am not saying that anyone here is like...
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    What do you value most about Club Stogie?

    Well, since I missed this thread two years ago, I'll post in it now. The best thing is my answer in 2006 would have been the exact same answer it is today. Q: "What do you value most about Club Stogie?" A: The members!
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto

    I love the lot 23's...great stick for the $$. My very first box of cigars I bought was the Lot 23 beli (nat) As they rested in my humidor, they kept getting better and better. I smoked the last one about 6-8 months after buying them and it was GREAT! That initial harshness you usually get...
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    Appleton - Appleton Souvenir & Cigar Co.

    This is a GREAT shop! Fun staff, nice selection, and comfortable lounge. If you are in the area, it is a must see :tu
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    Che Cigar

    I probably shouldn't be posting here since I have nothing to do with the issue, but it looks like this has been resolved. Emotions ran high, things were posted where they shouldn't have been, then it was resolved in PM. I think we can stop bringing up the fact that things went south in earlier...
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    Still looking for Small Cigars

    I really like the Ashton Cigarillios. They are very small and surprisingly smooth for their size. Otherwise, you could give the Cafe Creme's a try...they are also very small and not too bad for a very quick smoke (about 5-10 mins)
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    No problem!! Reading posts like these makes me VERY happy!! I'm glad you have found the wonder that is Snorking :tu
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    The NEW Perdomo Reserve Maduro 10th Anniversary

    So, Perdomo is re-working their Reserve line to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Our Perdomo Rep (who I will not name, but I hope that she will read this and marry me!) stopped by the shop and left me a few smokes to try... one of them being the new maduro. I do not know anything about the...
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    Why does Rockey Patel have a bad rap?

    I haven't heard too much about a bad rap. Our customers here at the shop seem to recognize the name and think of them as good cigars. I am not a huge fan of the vintage 90's or 92's, but I LOVE the vintage 99 CT and the Sungrowns. The Decade is pretty good as well. I do agree that they may...