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    Backyard Visitors!

    I've had a lot of things in the back yard, ducks, turkeys, geese, fox, coyotes, but never a blue bird. That's way cool.:tu
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    I shop at Mike's Cigars, JR, New Havana, Silo, Leaf and Ale, Holt's, CI,, Serious Cigars, and some smaller retailers that have an on-line presence. Whoops, I almost left out Rob and Cupcake at Taboo.:chk
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    Saturday Mornings

    The morning is almost gone. Went to the cleaners, got a hair cut, picked up breakfast on the way home. Started a pot of killer chili and now the Hawkeyes are trying to give the game to Michigan State. I think I'll go start one of my new Taboo HSG Coronas. :gn
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    Trip to Denver! Questions about stores and cigars on the plane...

    Back to your question on B&M locations. Jerri's is about 3-4 blocks away 500 16th St # 128, Denver, CO - (303) 825-3522‎. That's about the closest to your intersection. :chk
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    how have you spent your day so far

    Drove the north shore of Lake Superior from Tofte, MN to Thunder Bay, ON. Looked at the fall colors and the wife did some shopping on the Crossing Borders arts and crafts trail. Pretty day. I need a cigar.
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    What was your first cigar?

    Marsh Wheeling.
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    Interesting ebay item

    The offering got pulled. What was it?:confused:
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    Quick question.... Neewbie mistake

    SEND THEM TO ME. I'll take care of everything until your humi comes in and you get it seasoned. :chk
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    school me, on corojo

    Punch Rare Corojo isn't bad at all.:tu
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    $100 at Taboo - what would you do?

    After giving this thread some serious thought, I really think if it were me, I would pm Rob and tell him my background and what I like so far and have him choose the order for me. He appears to have the knowledge and experience to provide a really "kick a$$" package for your C-note. :tu
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    Single Malt Scotch of Choice

    :tpd: If we blindfolded you and made you drink it without knowing what is was, you would be absolutely in love with it.
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    RP Edge quest.

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    Opinions of Nub Cigars

    My dog was offended by that. :chk
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    Does anyone not like Padron?

    I don't mind the blend, I just don't care for a box pressed cigar.