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  • I was wondering why you didn't answer... just figured you were rubbin one off! :r
    Having coffee with a bud around 2. Grabbing a few groceries also then just gonna relax and smoke cigars for the rest of the day. :D
    Cleaned house this morning. I'm about to hit the grocery store and then we are going over to Ken's this evening for dinner. What are you up to today?
    If you need more room you could always tape them shut, write your name on it and tuck it away in the back of my humi?
    A RyJ Ex #4 from '06...was GOOD. I'm done with SLR, smoked a '01 Serie A that tasted like shit. I might bury the rest of that box of Regios or I might throw them in the garbage, haven't decided yet :r
    Damn that sucks. I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger on those! I smoked a casacos yesterday that was damn tasty!
    Not gonna smoke today. Probably tomorrow I will smoke a '01 SLR Serie A that I got in the MAW. That cigar will make or break that brand for me. My '01 Regios are nasty. Well, the first 1/3 is good but then they turn into piss sticks.
    Damn man...... that sucks. Upside to it is that you can smoke cigars while you work with pops! Whatcha smoking today? I had a party short with Ken at lunch today. :)
    UGH laid off again next week. Workin' with Pops for sure though so I guess it ain't no biggie but it still sucks. Good thing I held off on buying a few boxes of smokes this week. :hn
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