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    Absinthe help

    You're nasty. :r:r
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    T25C Photo: Whodat?

    I want to know who the guy is in the back. He closed his eyes for the picture.
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    Guranteed Plume Overnight!

    That's the ballinest shit you could ever do to your cigars! :tu
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    Guranteed Plume Overnight!

    I sprinkle diamonds on all my cigars!!
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    Rocky Patel I-Press

    Smoked what Drew Estates calls the "Wafe" a while back. Same deal. The odd press never gave me any issues.
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    Is it wrong?

    Just because you're mixing doesn't mean you have to use crap.
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    Where can I get Opus X's like these?

    You're bad! :r:r:r
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    Where can I get Opus X's like these?

    Is it every too early? :r
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    Where can I get Opus X's like these?

    My brod knows a guy who works at the factory. I'll see if he can hook you up. ;)
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    I feel betrayed, would you?

    I like hotreds comment. Maybe the guy isn't even thinking that he may have insulted you. It may have never occured to him that your patronage is sincere, rather than simply a byproduct of your....ahem....obsession.
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    Prayer request for tomorrow

    Missed this the first time around. How did it go, brother?
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    Please think of the wife again

    Great to hear, Andy! I'll be praying for both of you.
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    Evolving or Devolving?

    Ok, I'll say it....Dibs on those old cigars sgoselin doesn't like anymore. :r
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    Please keep my wife in your prayers

    Praying for you, your wife, and the little one, of course. Hope this passes soon.