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    Does your preacher smoke cigars?

    I know a priest who smokes cigars. I found out because he talked about it in a sermon one day. I also went to catholic school and a priest there smoked a pipe.
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    Large Ring Guage

    I too was into larger RG's when i first started out but now i much prefer 50 and under. I'll even go the 30's. When i see people smoke cigars with a RG over 50, it looks like they're practicing to smoke something else (something that rhymes with stick :hn)
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    celebrity cigar smokers

    Salma Hayek Kat Williams Nas
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    I smoked a Hoyo Short Corona last night and it smoked like a dream :dr i want another one but they're at home! (i'm at the office, a 40 minute train ride away :mad:)
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    Never a bad idea to refresh...

    I've seen alot of Aria before. There's a ton of pictures of her wearing alot less. She's also in a few adult films :tu
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    Sweetest Cameroons

    I was deep into cameroons when i started out. Another good one that hasn't been mentioned is the Excalibur 1066.
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    An observation about Colibri lighters and reliability...

    I've had at least 3 Colibri's and they all suck :2 Get a Blazer :tu
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    Opus X!?!?

    I'm not a fan either. They just don't do it for me, especially at that price. For the prices they charge in CA, i can get 3 Tatuaje's and i'll enjoy those Tat's alot more than the Opus.
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    Wassup Danny! Right on for the bumpage

    Wassup Danny! Right on for the bumpage
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    Free Cuba

    At least the band has boobies :D :bn
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    thanks for the bumage!

    thanks for the bumage!
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    Thanks for the bump!

    Thanks for the bump!
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    try them all! Tatuaje is one of my favorite NC Marcas
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    Thanks for the RG bump

    Thanks for the RG bump
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    Looking for a member here named Grant

    :r sorry Grant... R-Ice's comment is too funny