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    Problem with Humidors...

    Same's the best way to look organized in a glass top IMO
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    Unattended Storage

    PM sent
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    Unattended Storage

    Why not just take them with you? You going on ship?
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    Salt Test

    yes i'm talking about the hygrometer.....i'm using a coolerador right now
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    19 Short years - RIP Young Man

    Prayers to you and yours.......
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    Salt Test

    I don't want to seem like I'm stealing the thread but I'm in Iraq and don't have distilled water. What else can I do? I only have bottled water unless my wife sends me ditilled water from back home. And making it out here s too lengthy of a process. Any suggestions?
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    Cigar shop in Fairfax?

    pm CIGAR MAN ANDY....i think he's from Sterling
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    Recent Trip to Fuente in the DR

    NICE PICS!!!! That's actually where I'm from. My family lives in the capital in Santo Domingo but I have aunts and cousins in Santiago so whenever I go up there I get a few things. Looks like you had a blast though.
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    1st CI purchase....not pleased

    ok cool...i'll definitely give them another shot then. Thanks for the word guys.:tu
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    1st CI purchase....not pleased

    When I called the lady at custormer service was very quick on sending me the cigars. I guess I'm not judging them really but just trying to get a feel. I would try them again just because of how fast the issue was rectified.
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    1st CI purchase....not pleased

    So I had ordered the First Class Sampler w/ Humidor. Finally after storing some cigars over at my buddies coolerador I get a package and think I can store some of my personal good ones in the humi after I smoke something from the sampler. Well to my surprise there were no cigars in the humi...
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    Cigar night cob adder

    Congrats on the first night. Hope it keeps growing for you. I'm actually trying to get the same thing going out here.
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    Cigar night cob adder

    Hope everything works out for you. Wish you the best with that.
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    Coolerador for iraq

    Ok so I've got a quick question. I need to make a coolerador out here because of all the smokes I just bought online for everyone here at my camp. Thing is I need to store them somewhere of course.I can get the cooler but does anyone know of a good humidifying source and where to get god cedar...