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  1. C Corojo Robusto vs. DPG Blue Robusto

    Thanks for the review bro - and the ranking list, there's a few on there that I haven't tried that I'm going to have to seek out. As always, I respect your reviews and opinions - anyone interested in the zillion of DPG blends should checkout this list.
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    CAO cubist ashtray is awesome BUT...

    Most impressive, which CNC do you use? I've been thinking about getting one for my shop down the road, would appreciate a point in the right direction.
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    Las Vegas trip - Casa Fuente, Napoleon's, etc.

    Sounds like an awesome time - I'm heading back to Vegas in late October, your post provided me with a few things to keep in mind. Thanks.
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    Did anyone go to the Vegas Cigar Show?

    Um, it's still going on. I would have loved to have gone, but I'm heading out to Vegas later this year -there's some interesting news trickling in around the blogosphere from the show, I'm sure that some more personal accounts will be posted here soon.
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    Taboo Twist...has anyone else noticed this?

    :tpd: I'd rather be Rob Rolled than Rick Rolled any day of the week! :ss
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    The best cigar in your box...

    :r well yeah, I was just trying to make the point that I enjoy sticks gifted by fellow BOTLs/SOTLs more than sticks that I've bought for myself - heck most of the time I enjoy buying sticks for fellow BOTL/SOTLs more than I enjoy buying them for myself - just my :2
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    I'd second that. :ss

    I'd second that. :ss
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    Spidy Sense was tingling...

    At first I wish that I hadn't opened this thread, but there's some good information in here - in a way we can all benefit from this "nightmare".
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    Post Your Cigar Journal,Dossier, Diary etc.

    Most impressive sir - I started keeping a book when I first hit the slope, now I just save the bands. One of the guys at the local B&M writes little notes on the backs of his bands and puts them all in a baggie - I might start doing that.
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    La Aurora 100 Anos Perfecto

    I'll second that - I'm going to have to keep these on my radar, I'm a big fan of the other 100 Anos vitolas.
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    The best cigar in your box...

    The few that my wife has bought me and the ones gifted by fellow BOTL/SOTLs are always the best cigars in my box (even if it says Creamossa on the band). I'd rather have a stick that's been gifted to me over an Opus or Partagas 150 that I've bought myself any day of the week.
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    Well Jim, that's a bunch o' poo. Thanks for sharing your experience with us - I hope it gets worked out and that doesn't become their standard operating procedure. <--- sets aside an El Mejor Espresso for Jim for the next time we get to herf.
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    Free Humidor from Rob @ Taboo

    That Rob is one heck of a BOTL - I'm planning on stopping by his shop later this summer on a trip to Dallas. I have a little something for him for all of his generosity to the Jungle. :ss
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    Brotherly HERFS

    Looks like an awesome time! It's funny how life seems to work out like that :ss