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    El truinfadore with pics

    Great review they are a great size you get that Tobbaco flavor so good. The only problem I have is when smoking that size out feel like somewhat of a fool.
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    Ramon Allones Reserve

    They sound good. So lets see a review with pictures!
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    Vinotemp Pictures

    Nice set up!:tu
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    You should have picked up another being this one will be filled by next week
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    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    I wouldnt just because you are in SC you can smoke just about 12 months out of the year outside. Go buy some smokes with that coin
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    Zino Acrylic Humidors

    Anyone have or use one. I am looking for a humidor for the office that will need very little work to keep it going. I am thinking this may be the trick being humidity wouldn't excape and not need chargeing to often. I know this wont help them age so let me know..
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    Opus X Chateau De La Fuente Humidor

    Funny you posted this I was at J&R today looking at it. It has a great seal and is quite nice.
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    Tatuaje Red Label Verocu with a heaping dose of Vitamin N!

    I also smoked quite a few and never got kicked with the Vitamin N. I am surprised with a big steak dinner as well. They are some great cigars that should agen nicely.
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    Illusione cg4

    I think you may have smoked a bad stick. I smoke the MK just about eeryday and that is one fine smoke. If you can find the ECCJ eddition that is really a treat
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I think the brown lable Tatuaje would be the closest with that earthy taste and tang that the ISOM offer
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    Smoking man cave ready for operation

    That cave looks like something I may need to look into one of these days. Can you fit a bed in there as well?
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    OPUS X @ About MSRP prices ONLINE NOW

    Is it me or did this last shippment seem to show up in bigger numbers? I have vistited many B&M and they all had some. I can't recall this the last few times>
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    Celo on or off?

    Dam cats
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    Cigar Roller for wedding? Any info appreciated

    First of all don't do it and I am not talking about the roller! If you decide to go forward that will be some wedding and a great idea to have a roller. Very Cool!
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    Rocky Patel Decade

    Scott I had them for 2 months before I sold you the box in the humidor. Great review and glad you are enjoying them!