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    Aneroxic girls need love too.:r

    Aneroxic girls need love too.:r
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    Ashton ESG Churchhill [pic]

    I have never seen someone this out from a cigar. But it looks like you have a new avitar. :ss
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    In this order for me, CAO RP Decade DC DPCC next morning the Perdomo Reserve and AC
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    Suggestions to age 9mos?

    Well you wont get much age after only 9 months, especially since almost all NC's are aged before they are rolled. 9 months-Oliva G series-mild and good price 18 years-Look into a cc, there are quite a bit that can be had at the same price as an nc. However, if you cant go that route look for...
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    Jack Daniels Open Bottle

    Open it up, give it a sniff and then pour. Grab the glass lift to your mouth and drink. If its bad spit it out, however if its good pour another glass. :chk
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    A. Fuente Bands

    I equate the color with the price level of the cigar. Red (Anejo more expensive and better), Black mid-price (Sungrown, GR etc) and the Green are the lower priced. It has been a while since I smoked a AF so thats what I think when I go into a shop and see them.
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    prayers maybe a bit stong but...

    Good luck Kevin, keep us posted on how you do. :ss
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    I didn't even see them holding cigars. :r
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    Exactly, I have had nearly every premium NC out there and now find myself always reaching for cc's, no matter the brand. Not a single nc I have tasted has ever reminded me of a cc. The only thing that came close was Pete's new La Riqueza, but thats only in the look of the packaging. I guess...
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    How should I spend $100.00?

    10 pack of cc (lots are below $100)
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    University of Pittsburgh Cigar Club (pics)

    That looks like a great time, wish I had one back in college. You seem to have a ton of Pitt football victory cigars....ooops:ss
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    Who's Craving what cigar right now?

    Sig IV, each day and every day...this time next week :tu
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    I Could Use A Little Gorilla Healing Power

    Dad just got diagnosed with it, prayers are sent.
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    La Riqueza #5

    Nice review, I think Pete journyed to Cuba for the look of this cigar. The size and look of the box down to the triple cap. These are fantastic cigars and I have enjoyed them a lot more then...dare I say...the overhyped Tat Black. :ss
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    Woke up for a Nightmare - Beatles

    They don't play around, look what they did to this poor doll...