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    Gulf Coast Hurricane Victims

    Thanks all... this hurricane was quite the experience.. finally have power, internet etc up and the good fortune of no damage to my house.. other friends and direct neighbors were not so fortunate. It's a complete mess down here..
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    Ahhhh...nice weather!

    High in the 80's today. This is Houston, however. Great running, biking and smoking weather.. I've been commuting to work by bicycle while I can because soon it'll be 110 !
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    Opus X Perfecxion No 2

    Tried one of these over the weekend. Very smooth, uncomplex taste to begin.. developed into something more intense later on. The smoothness is deceptive because this cigar is a pretty strong one. After 3/4 through my head was spinning. It's not worth the price tag even at retail, but...
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    Best Carlos Torano cigars?

    I like the one w/ the sungrown wrapper
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    Traveling with cigars...

    I second the cigar caddy.. a 5-count one will only run you about $25 and they're nearly indestructible.. Waterproof, crushproof, airtight. That way you don't have to worry about your cigars getting mangled while you're travelling.
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    Prayers needed for my son

    Mike. Wish you, your family and your son the best. Good to see you on the boards.
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    Ups and downs

    I feel that bro. I had to put my dog down almost 3 years ago.. it's a really tough call since you have to make the choice for them, but there's no doubt you did the right thing.
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    Finally bought an wine cooler! (show & tell + questions)

    FYI follow MocoBird's tutorial of installing a PC fan... otherwise the humidity between the top and bottom can be drastic (about 10% difference in mine if I don't keep the fan running).
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    Finally bought an wine cooler! (show & tell + questions)

    In regards to smell: I rubbed mine down physically with baking soda and let it sit over night a little wet to absorb smell with the door closed. I may have also wiped down with rubbing alcohol prior to the baking soda rub.. Then I let it sit open for a day or two to let the plastic smell...
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    Trouble deciding

    Can't go wrong on the wine-cooler. You'll be glad when summer hits and temperature is worry-free. Plus it looks pretty cool!
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    What lighter do you use?

    Alternate with Prince Torch and S.T. Dupont Ligne 2
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    Perdomo Reserve Champagne R

    My impression of these was blahh.. a one-dimensional wood taste and not worth the pricetag.
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    La Vieja Habana Early Years Silencio

    I bought a box of these probably 1.5 years ago... they haven't changed must since then but must say they're still a great go-to short smoke with lots of flavor, volume, smoke.
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    Question about shipping lighters

    I was able to pick up a nice Dupont lighter at an authorized dealer at the Korea duty-free shop and brought it with me to Russia... Question: If shipping a lighter (via DHL or UPS from Russia), do they scan packages to detect hazardous materials?? I"m not sure whether it's riskier to...
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    Feds to modify lighter ban on planes

    does that mean u can carry a dupont onboard ???