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    An observation about aged NCs

    Yep, it's all about the supply and demand. Demand for most older NCs seems to be lower than for "fresh" NCs simply due to the way that market works. Most NC manufacturers are constantly rolling out new products and pimping the hell out of them instead of sticking with a consistent, signature...
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    How should I spend $100.00?

    Cooler+beads and a few smokes (I'd recommend a sampler from a BOTL in the FS forum).
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    pepin maduro's

    I just bought a couple boxes but I can't pass this up!
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    Have you ever thrown away cigars?

    I don't see anything wrong with sending the troops decent cigars that you personally just don't care for. Sure, you don't want to send them crap, but the OP's cigars were not exactly dog rockets. It's received some decent reviews and I know some people who like them.
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    Alec Bradley Tempus Corona

    Alec Bradley Tempus Corona The Tempus churchill just received a "94" rating in CA so I was very skeptical of this cigar before even obtaining one but that did put it on my radar as something to try. Frankly, I haven't thought too highly of the few AB cigars I've smoked. (Cigar Insider gave this...
  6. D house blends

    I smoked one recently and wasn't blown away. It wasn't a bad cigar for the price though.
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    help me price sampler

    I would look up how much each cigar would cost if bought as part of a box from a major retailer like CI and then maybe give him a bit of a discount. If I were to just eyeball it, I would say about $5 x 27 cigars = $135.
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    Dry them before freezing them?

    :tpd: I also make sure that my freezer is on its coldest setting since I usually have it on a moderate setting to save energy.
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    Maduro Cigar selections?

    Any Padron maduro (x000, Anniversary, or other--they're all great) Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ maduro A. Fuente 858 maduro
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    Havana VI >>> P series The P series tastes fine but it's mixed filler. The Havana VI is all long filler and tastes amazing.
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    Sancti Spiritus Torpedo

    Even this torpedo took me nearly 2 hours to smoke. It was a very relaxing, slow burning stick. I agree. It's very expensive for a house brand cigar. Thanks again to seegarfan for sending me one. Otherwise I probably would have never tried this cigar.
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    Sancti Spiritus Torpedo

    Sancti Spiritus Torpedo Size/vitola: 6.125" x 52rg torpedo Medium brown Nicaraguan corojo wrapper Nicaraguan wrapper and binder Pre-light: Very firm and tightly packed with tobacco. Some medium sized veins and small wrapper defects likely due to the travels that this cigar has been through...
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    Just had my first Nub...

    Have you ever smoked an Oliva G? I find the Nub Cameroon to be quite similar to it and I prefer the more traditional sizes.
  14. D Corojo Robusto vs. DPG Blue Robusto

    I have at least 5 more Pepin blends that I haven't tried in my humidor. I think there are another 10 on the market that I'll probably never get around to.
  15. D Corojo Robusto vs. DPG Blue Robusto Corojo Robusto vs. DPG Blue Robusto I had no intentions of doing a comparison type review of the Corojo robusto when I selected it. I was in the mood for something spicy so I did what I always do in that situation: I went to the DPG section in my Vinotemp and picked...