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    Drazzil and wayner123 Blind Tasting

    Can't wait to see this thread progress... I'm subscribing now. :tu
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    You're a mean, mean man... :)

    You're a mean, mean man... :)
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    Happy Birthday, my friend!

    Happy Birthday, my friend!
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    Hahahahaha... Welcome to Club Stogie, sucka!

    Hahahahaha... Welcome to Club Stogie, sucka!
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    So does your palate expand over time?

    That flavor wheel is great, personally, I'm longing for a cigar that tastes of manure, dust and old cellar with a hint of gaminess and feline musk. Yum. :dr
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    Illusione Confusion

    Those MKs are delicious... I picked up 2 when I was in FL... smoked one and holding onto the second as though it were the holy grail. :D Try em with coffee first thing in the morning. It's the breakfast of champions...:tu
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    Didn't the Giants win last year? :tg However... I'm a Jets fan, so I figure I have a millennium or so to wait before they get any rings...
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    Cool... let us know how that smokes in 80 years... :r:r
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    Most Prized Cigar In Your Collection?

    Just getting to read that is awesome... I'm glad you dig it, man! I'd say just smoke it... it certainly doesn't need to be aged. I'm guessing it's out of it's sick period... :r:r As for me, I have a couple rare smokes that will get lit up at some point, thanks to the generosity of other...
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    Ending 15 Jul, ebay Pre-Embargo Partagas

    Considering it's not opened, you could be getting just about anything... maybe it's just a box full of fat, dead beetles at this point. Definitely a huge gamble and the chance that they're any good is REAL slim...
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    Binghamton Area ?

    Damn! I never knew there were people on here in that area... I grew up in Johnson City and get down there a few times a year (at least once or twice a year I play at the oakdale mall)... hell, I was there last Saturday (Binghamton, not the mall). Next time I'm going down there, I'll post...
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    The oldest cigar you have

    I have one from 1926 with foil wrapping...
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    The best cigar in your box...

    No, that's a billy club.
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    The best cigar in your box...

    Perfect reply, my friend! :tu
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    The best cigar in your box...

    Right now I'm sitting on an 80's Davi Chateau LaFitte which is the perfect size for my upcoming wedding this October. Aside from that I have a few other gems (in my meager opinion), but I'm most hyped on that one cuz I've never even been in the presence of a cuban Davidoff aside from that one. :tu