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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    FANTASTIC answers fellas! Thanks! I gather from the above that a Marine cooler that is preferably 150 quarts with REAL hinges is the way to go for quite a few of you guys :tu
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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    fellow G's, I am tired of battling heat/humidity issues with my 4 humidors. Seems that I need more insulation and better sealing have to go the coolerdor route. Hey, more storage for me without breaking the bank. Main question here is which brands do you prefer in respect to SEALING TIGHT...
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    Famous Nicaraguan 3000 - back in stock!

    I tried to buy/trade for some recently in the WTB WTT section. Still wanting to try these someday... NOW that NIC 3K'S are BACK IN STOCK :ss muahaha
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    Some good vibes for Shilala

    Scott is struggling with his back. I believe he has surgery coming up. He's a great Gorilla, as generous as they come, and can use your prayers and good thoughts for him and his family right now. Get well soon bro. Aloha! Dem
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    going out side to smoke a stoge.....

    was out wathcing the full moon smoking an RP vintage 92 perit corona second. not bad for a little smoke.... :pp Good night.
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    Just had my first RP Vintage 92 - my opinions + 2 questions

    hey Rev Smoked a couple of hundred Vintage Seconds, and perhaps 1/3 that amount of vintage with bands. Mostly 92's. usually never had any draw issues, harshness and peeling issues. one of the rare cigars in that price range that are box pressed to perfection imo. (the other I was thinking of...
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    Project of the Day : Quickie Humi Fan Box

    yea, The man is talented. Totally interested to know the above. If it can work with batteries and if your beads can be inside for it to blow air thru. Also it a timer is the best way to go to conserve battery power. Once again, you are damn creative SS!:tu Hope it translates in sales. :D I...
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    Taboo Twist Super Giganto

    just awesome, the Monte's giant 'beetle' explosion was great too. :tu
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    Project of the Day : Engraved Oak 3 Stick Travel Case

    :tpd: REAL Baaaaaad.A$$ projects, just great quality bro.
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    rocky patel x-outs

    I posted in the WTT/WTB section that I'd like to try some Lida D's Anyone here interested in selling/trading me some? Pz!
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    Ever Had A Cigar You Didn't Want To End?

    most nights, I'll do what an old Hawaiian man down the road does every night. Sit on his deck facing the open sky, and switch all the lights off. Our backyard is chock full of stars because we live far far away from the city lights (there are NO bright lights allowed on the Big Island island...
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    rocky patel x-outs

    found this on another board. Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga "A" = Edge Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga "B" = Sungrown Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga "C" = Olde World Reserve Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga "D" = Decade Rocky Patel X-Outs Liga "E" = Indian Tabac Super Fuerte my question is - how do these smoke? like...
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    What's your rotation look like lately?

    Thanks to you Scott, I reach for more LGC Serie R's these days :D Besides that, it's RP 92 really. Waiting for a fair bit of Cuban Crafters samplers. Never tried. Oliva V's coming as well. Just amazed at how many Gorillas smoke 601's. Never tried these because of previous Pepin experiences...
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    Price & Flavor Question...

    Thread Hijack on { For the above Gorillas who know what they are talking about - Which outstanding cigars deliver a nice Flavor for Price and in turn "blow your socks off" in your opinion? Marcas/Vitolas? > Danke ! } Thread Hijack off
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    My Cigar Dilemma - Not That Bad Actually!

    Nice, I love to see the vast expanses of our world covered by this sweet club. Trusly amazing if you ask me. From Canada to Tampa. Meet the same people online. Wow. I'm intrigued to hear what you end up buying. Been wanting to hear about some smokes you're trying like the short stories, and...