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    Cabinet Conversion (Warning! Lot's of Pictures)

    Buddy this is fantastic...and by the way I love your Grandmother...she is quite the lady!! I can't to come over to your house and do a little "Window shopping", easy access on the first floor...sounds great to me!! Did I see some Paaaaarrrr-teeeeeeee-gaaaaaaaassss in there?? DeNeiro. :ss
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    First Cigar To Kick Your A**?

    Padron 1926 Series No.9 Maduro - it wasn't my first buzz but it was definitely the strongest buzz...but what a fantastic stick! It just so happens to be the #1 rated cigar of the year in this months Cigar Aficionado (Feb '08 - page 61) but a pricey stick to get attached to. DeNeiro :ss
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    Congrats! I'm going to smoke a stog in your honor tonight!! All the best! :ss
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    Favorite Rocky

    I've already replied to the survey with the Olde World Maduro being one of my new staples...BUT...just about to ignite a an ITC 10th anni quickly become a close second all time fav!
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    whats your favorite 3-4 dolar cigar

    Hands down one of my new favourites is - Sancho Panza Double Maduro Lancero...I picked up a box in Lewiston, NY for under $60 at Smokin' Joes. Second to this for the price point would be the Rocky Patel Edge Maduro...split on a box of 100 with member "Bea"r and another BOTL and the box was apprx...
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    Favorite Rocky

    Olde World Reserve - Torpedo Maduro...all-time favourite Rocky always consistent. Recently tried the Decade, the ITC 10th Anniversary and the Edge Sumatra...all of which are spectacular smokes. Not overly impressed with the Fusion or the Sungrown...but with all of the hype on here over the...
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    B&M's in Lewiston/Niagara Falls NY?

    Thx Bear! Smokin Joes is great...well worth the drive.
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    B&M's in Lewiston/Niagara Falls NY?

    Hey gents, I'm heading over last minute to Lewiston & the Niagara Falls NY area today from Oakville, Ontario and was wondering if anyone knows of any decent cigar shops in this area? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Happy New Years!! DeNeiro :ss
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    Favorite Sun Grown wrapper cigar?

    I'm a big fan of the Ashton VSG. I recently split on a box of the Spellbound and enjoyed everyone of them. I'm normally a huge fan of Rocky P but this time Ashton takes the title. :ss
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    A cigar for the ladies... [maybe nsfw, but funny]

    I'd give one to the little woman, but who needs that extra competition...? Who am I kidding, I'm a star!!!!!
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    Behold the power of the Palio!!!

    Just had a cigar with Bear... He has a Palio and it's sweeeet! Got to get in on the next Group Buy...