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    I am doing well. I hope that you are doing the same.

    I am doing well. I hope that you are doing the same.
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    Anyone tried these?

    Yep, tried them all. The only one that I may try again would be the Kahlua.
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    Beer questions

    If you go to some wine shops or large beer/liquor stores they tend to have good selection to include variety sampler packs. You could treat beer similar to cigars. Just try 'em all and see what you like. I hope this helps you a bit. P.S. Also, check your local area for brew pubs and...
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    Beer questions

    There is a great website that I use for reference. Beer to me is like the cigar hobby. You try many different styles and flavors and try to find the one that best suits you. I tend to stray away from mass market beer (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc....) Sam Adams makes many...
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    Kalamazoo - Red Arrow Cigar & Spirits

    Now that's what I'm talking about.
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    Southgate - Stix Martini & Cigar Bar

    Here's their website.
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    PROJECT: Cigar Band Coffee Table (Warning: Many pictures)

    Awesome job Mark! You have the patience of a saint. :tu
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    Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

    I was wondering as well. Did they just soak these bad boys in oil to make them look old? LOL
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    Impressed by Jack Schwartz

    Top notch they be. Need I say more? :tu
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    Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte

    I was at my local B & M and discovered a box of Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte cigars that had some seriously yellow colored cellophane wrappers on them. I picked up the box and saw a date code of 9NH. Can anyone help me out with what that really means. Are these some really aged/old cigars or what...
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    Another slip down the slope

    Wow, you watch your budget? My humidors watch my budget. :ss
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    SOB Excutive Meeting

    Now that's what I call an executive meeting.:tu Way to go guys!
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    Southgate - Stix Martini & Cigar Bar

    Stix Martini & Cigar Bar 14312 Pennsylvania Road Southgate, MI 48195 Phone: (734) 246-2820 Fax: (734) 246-2827 Hours Monday/Tuesday - 3 p.m. to Midnight Wednesdays/Thursdays - 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday & Saturday - Noon to 2 a.m. Sunday - Closed A very nice atmosphere, with an excellent...
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    Southfield - Copper Canyon

    Copper Canyon 27522 Northwestern Hwy. Southfield, MI 48034 Phone: (248) 223 -1700 Fax: (248) 223-1722 Hours: Monday - Saturday 11:30 AM to 11 PM Sunday 4 PM to 8 PM Website: Happy Hour: Monday - Friday 4 p.m. to 6p.m. (only at the bar). Kitchen Hours: Full menu is...
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    Oliva Series V Tasting

    Well gang I have now been christened with the series V from Oliva and I must say WOW! That was a very tasty cigar. It was a strong yet smooth smoke. It was probably the smoothest cigar that I have had that was strong. The turn out at Smoker's Outlet was not good at all. I had a great time...