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    History and use of maduro wrappers

    Thanks, I'll give that read.
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    History and use of maduro wrappers

    Does anyone know the history behind Maduro wrappers? I don't know much about Habanos cigars, but it seems that a lot of NC cigars have a Maduro wrapper variety, while Habanos cigars (from the little I know about them) don't have many Maduro varieties.
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    The Best Way to Humidify?

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record...I'll also echo the Heartfelt beads opinion. They're solid in keeping the humidity where it needs to be. You can check out their options and see what amount of beads you'd need for a humidor of your size. There's also digital hygrometers you can...
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    Padilla Signature 1932 Corona Gorda Box of 5 for $29

    Score...I'll try them. How did you come across this deal?
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    Dutch Masters.... eww

    Heh, Dutch Masters for a guy with Padron cigars in his avatar?
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    Wrapper not burning evenly with filler

    Thanks for the info...yeah, they were both from the same source. I'd just gotten them in the mail and they came with a humdipak in the bag, guess they got too humid from that. Had some free time and couldn't wait. In the future I suppose I should be letting them set for a few days or a week...
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    Wrapper not burning evenly with filler

    Not sure how to describe this, but I had a couple of smokes today where the wrapper wasn't burning down with the filler tobacco. It happened a few times throught each smoke. Did I light them incorrectly, were they too humid, bad construction or something else? I broke out the lighter and lit...
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    Ever Had A Cigar You Didn't Want To End?

    Haha...nice, must have been tasty. For me, it was the first Ashton VSG I had. Myself and a couple of buddies made a weekend trip to the casino, picked up some smokes at the (overpriced) shop and chilled at the bar for a while.
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    Ronson JetLite Torch Lighter

    Thanks for the heads up all, didn't know that Walmart carried these...checked them out today and there were plenty there. Picked a couple up since my Colibri lighter is finicky at best
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    PROJECT: Cigar Band Poker Table (warning: many pictures)

    WOW...outstanding! Nice table :tu
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    Bundle Cigars - Which Are The Best?

    It seems like the Famous Nic 3000 are always on backorder, are they just that in demand or are they not being made anymore?
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    Vinotemp 28 bottle on sale @ Target $149.00

    I pulled the trigger on one as well, last one in stock here. I was running out of humidor room anyways, and was going to go the coolidor route, but decided to set up a vinotemp first.
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    Ashton VSG

    Nice! Hope you enjoy it. I splurged and had my first one this past weekend and loved it.
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    Worst Cigar Ever

    I've only been smoking for a couple of months, but so far the only cigar I haven't been willing to finish was a Casa Torano Maduro, bleh. I've had other maduros that I enjoyed, but that one didn't set too well with me, had to put it down before the first inch was done.
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    Big List of Cigars - Good Newb Starter

    Thanks for list! I came across this forum as I was looking for some more information to get started. Used the list to pick out some first smokes