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    Football snack!

    Did a couple of (pulled) pork shoulders on Wednesday, finished it off today as pulled pork nachos. Damn, they were good, too!
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    Taboo Dominican Maduro

    Nice review, and I agree - nice flavors.
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    Nice to meet ya, OF. I was stationed at Patrick before I retired in '95. Worked AF Pad Control...

    Nice to meet ya, OF. I was stationed at Patrick before I retired in '95. Worked AF Pad Control at 41 (Titan).
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    how much are these worth? Arturo Fuente Fancy Tales

    Looks like they are worth about this much -
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    LGC Wavell Natural

    Nice review. Try the Glorias Extra, as well - great cigar.
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    Rhubarb Pie and Dancing girls

    I luvs me some Rhubarb pie! :tu
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    Welcome back, brutha! Glad to hear you're all better.
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    USPS Click and Ship question.

    You can also have the package picked up, at your house, the next day (if that is where your mail is delivered) for free.
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    Whats the best Haliburton Color?

    Looks like Tom has come into some IHT type money! :ss Very nice, brutha.
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    Anyone tried Man O' War

    Yeah, I've tried them. I'm glad I only bought a fiver!
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    Keep me and my daughter in your thoughts/prayers

    Will do, Mike. You hang in there and let us know if ya need anything.
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    Fathers day lineup

    Just finished an 8-9-8 with the morning coffee. Excellent it was. Don't know what's next.
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    Booker goes Fishing, Not Catching

    You mean they weren't jumpin' in the boat yellin' "take me, take me?" :D You're losing your touch, Booker.
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    Advertisers on CS

    All of you just calm the hell down. Every time something like this happens, someone who hasn't been here but a minute wants to jump all over someone else who they THINK is doing something wrong. A simple pm would have sufficed. Escalating things doesn't help anyone, and that is exactly what...