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    Those aren't expensive cigars? I'm only half joking, I know there are more expensive cigars out there, but those are also expensive.
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    $70 for a cooler... that seems a bit high, but then again what do I know.
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    The occasional milk has gone through my nose...:bl
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    CS going downhill?

    You sir are a breath of fresh air... look at my Signature :tu
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    Viva la Snorking! to nose smoke.

    I've tried blowing the smoke out my nose it the past, but it has burned like no tomorrow. I think it's because I'm blowing to much smoke out. Nice guide, I'll have to try it tonight!
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    Ohhh its hot

    103 today... 111 by next monday, but who's counting. At least my cigars are in a nice air conditioned room. The basement idea sounds great. Good luck with storing them :-)
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    So your on a Deserted Island...

    OF COURSE... It is after all my fantasy deserted island...correct? :bl
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    Is your wife as upset as mine?

    My wife doesn't know. I tend to do what other members stated they do. It's all or nothing for hobbies. First it was WoW, then other computer games, then building a top of the line gaming-computer, now cigars. If I told her, well she'd be upset... So why tell her? I need to find a...
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    So your on a Deserted Island...

    1. Jessica Alba & Carmen Electra 2. Gregorio (funky bulge in the middle, kind of interesting)
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    Decisions at 2AM...

    Computer parts or cigars. Normally computer wins. But I've finally gotten my system right where I want it. Now time for my other habit.
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    Discussion Topic: Total Tobacco Ban.

    I'm all for busnisses for deciding for themselves if they want smoking or not. Heck there are times when I want to sit down for a nice steak or what not and not have to smell smoke. It should be completely left up to the business owner. As far as a state ban or city wide ban everywhere, that...
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    whats the difference

    moved to ask a silverback or doing more research...
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    I am humbled...

    I'm reading this thread at work, and I'm upset because I can't see what damage has been done. Websense blocks the pictures, but I can still read the comments. I can't wait to get back to see the crater that was created. Sounds like it was a helluva strike.
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    Want to bid "right" on Cigarbid?

    PM sent, this is awesome. Combining excel and cigars. RG bump!
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    Cigars and soda

    Since I haven't seen anyone put this, I have to confess. Since we are not allowed alcohol here in the dessert, I really wanted something cold when I had my cigar a few weeks ago. Only thing cold in my fridge was a fruit punch gatorade. I thought it would not be good, but I was very...