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  • Thanks for thr RG bro! Things are OK.. Been interviewing for a new job since my layoff in late August.. Got a few things in the works.. We will see..

    How are you and the fam?
    You got a Cuban wish coming get in there! I tried to pass to you but Hog granted the wish first. Doh! Then he passed to you anyways. LOL
    I just want to be a part of something special. I'm quite simple. I work hard, love hard and try hard. I will jump in front of a train for my family and friends and on a good day a stranger. You guys here are the epitome of brotherhood. My family lives very far away from me, I rarely see them. This is like coming home and I thank you all for it.
    Thanks for the bump, hope you had an enjoyable day with your family. As a father myself, I had my son's first birthday last weekend and it was simply wonderful. I hope everyday brings you and yours much happiness. Nice to meet you!
    PS—Thanks for the RG Upgrade :D

    Nope, the original skateboards had metal wheels and after that they moved onto clay wheels in the 60's.
    This was one of my boards from the late 70's early 80's, it has some of the first urethane wheels, (Alva) and some of the first decent trucks, (Independent) and a deck I shaped myself from a Pleasure Pointe (Santa Cruz) Blank. Definitely "Old School" :D but not so much OG. :tu
    Heading into town to do some banking in between an DVD archival project. Thanks for asking. :)

    After taking care of my tasks I ended up at the skate store in town where I purchased some new bearings and other bits to allow me to ride my board around the driveway. When chatting with the shop owner I realized that my board was nearly 30 years old :D
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