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    Horrible Question

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    Horrible Question

    Lemon works for me.:D
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    Climmax users...

    I've had mine going for over two years now and they are doing fine. :D
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    Welcome aboard:D
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    The Autopsy of a Padrón 1964

    Nice post!!!!:D
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    Superbowl Smoke Selection

    BBF 98 and a SLRpc 98 mmmmmmmmmmm good.:D
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    Where do you sit when you enjoy your favorite stick?

    During these cold winter months down here in Florida I usually smoke out on the patio looking out over the pool and read a book.:D
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    Help! I need any suggestions on dehumidifying my humidor?

    Get a pound of 65% climaxx beads and put them into several different containers around the humi, put them in dry, it should bring the rh down within a couple of days.:D
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    How many cigars do you smoke each day?

    Two a day when I'm working, 3 or 4 when I'm on my days off.:w
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!:D
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    We lived on a Hardin Force 50, 52ft. on deck, 59 ft. overall. Had the two kids and two dogs, I loved every minute of it. This is a pic of a Force 50. I get kinda wet just looking at it. Thank God for memories.
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    Your parents are going to love living on the sailboat, we did it for 4 years on a 52 footer, best years of my life.:D
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    Looking for "Poker"

    I think the Long Grey Line will do just fine with Bobby Ross at the helm. One of his sons went to USNA and the other to Zoomie land in Colorado, should make for some interesting dinner conversations at his house before those games. Army and Navy both have good young teams, the next few years...
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    Looking for "Poker"

    Welcome!!! I see you were a woopoo kaydet, where were you before the Army Navy Game, I could have used some more cigars!!! Maybe next year. Welcome to Club Stogie, you will love it here, from a former crab. :D :u