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  • Well, my uncle who really got me into cigars is an avid golfer was playing at an exclusive country club at an outing with an assistant DA and an ex-cia agent that he went to college with. Anywho, they had film crews there and such and they were televising it on some station wherever the thing was being played. The thing was that they would go up to the golfer and ask their name and club. So they get to my uncles 4some and ask everyone and my uncle says "Joe Presti, Downingtown Country Club" and then they turn to the CIA guy and he goes (with the accent), Carl Spackler, Bushwood Country Club, and everyone hit the fukkin deck in laughter and they actually televised it. So, one of my most common phrases is He Lama how bout something for the effort. It might be cheesey, but if you heard my uncle tell the story, you would die.
    I've got a funny story behind my thoughts on the sigline. It involved a ex-CIA member and DA on the golf course.
    I agree. I make a South Carolina mustard base BBQ sauce. For pulled pork i like it better than red sauce. I like your smoker. I use a Weber Smokey Mountain. I have had it for about 5 years now and I have been really happy with it. Nice looking family too.

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