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  • Fair enough George:tu Some relief pitchers will help but manny being gone is the greatest thing that has happened in boston since winning the nba finals:D
    To true George!!! He is giving me his two cents tonight ! There kicken the hell out of my Yanks!
    How are those Angels lookin out there in Boston? I know they look great on TV but I was curious what they looked like soooo close.:D Way to ruin the no-hitter and then the shut-out:gn Oh well a win is a win buddy. Now that we picked up Teixeira it is all over for the rest of you A.L. chumps. The playoffs are not gonna be any better for you guys this year. Sorry George I just am real excited about the way we are playing right now and it just happens to be that we are playing you guys.:chk
    Francona reminds me of a Phil Jackson of baseball same with Torre ! I watched that inning with bases juiced and then he hit that one right of the middle to the itcher I was hoping for a 5 6 run inning myself!!
    He sure did look like we lost weight!! He looked great really ! His swing looks better then Sexson's off the dam DL!! Will see if he stays healthy ! You have who the Angels coming up and we have Baltimore ! Which kicked the hell of the Angels! It will come down to the end this yr and I LOVE IT!!
    Big Papi looks great after the rest. Looks like he lost weight and they said he did a lot of work on his legs as well while letting his wrist heal. What the heck is up with Sexson? I could swing a bat better than he is right now.
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