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    damned slippery slope

    Great collection, seen a few B&M's with less of a selection. Learned quite sometime ago the infamous 'slippery sloap', is a euphemis for taking a jump without a chute, or grab your backside and take the leap. :ss
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    $100 at Taboo - what would you do?

    Another plus with Taboo is that occasionally find the cigars arrive fresh and may need to set for a day or so. I may take a few out and place the remainder to rest in the humi 2-3 weeks. Speaking of shipment, wow the order arrived quick. :ss
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    $100 at Taboo - what would you do?

    Couple major projects going on so I also have a limited cigar budget for next few months. Wanted most bang for the buck so placed taboo order yesterday. Went with the 'day special' and did a mix and match order with the twist, giving the 5X54 a try, and acquired a taste for the Orig. Special...
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    Partagas Black

    Recently purchased a box, can't recall who was offering the deal, but I experienced the same, was not all that excited about the cigars, surprised considering it was Partagus. Usually find if they are fresh off the truck it's best to let them rest in the humi for 3-5 weeks. It's been about 3...
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    Cigar draw and Padron's

    Found if cigars are fresh off the truck they tend to improve if I let them set in the humi for a few weeks. On more that 1 occasion, was about to submit a review on a particular cigar but decided to let them set and later found they had greatly improved. Also seem to find more draw issues with...
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    My First Rocky Patel

    Will have to give it a try, had the Decade yesterday and enjoyed it. Thanks for the review. :tu
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    The goat is so far down the 'to do' list it's not likely going to fly in the near future...

    The goat is so far down the 'to do' list it's not likely going to fly in the near future. Putting attn. into the house while weather permits. Added an addition and framed a section of the kitchen, next on list is the roofing the loft and kitchen area, intend finishing interior during winter...
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    My experience with lighters while on vacation.

    Experienced another Senior moment by ordering a few Ronson 'windlites', before reading the item description. Now know the difference between the 'windlite' and 'jetlite', it's a fuel vs butane thing. O'well, hopefully will learn from the experience, heck they come with 1 yr. warranty. Looks like...
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    My experience with lighters while on vacation.

    Just ordered a few Windlites from Ronson online store, appears they marked down to $3.95, figure with $7.50 shipping is cheaper than the cost of gas for an 80 mi. roundtrip ticket to the closest Wally World, if more than $50 shipping is free. The cost for the Jetlites were $5.50. :ss
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    Vibe by Rocky Patel

    Totally agree, had simular experience with box of RyJ, found in many cases my assessment of a cigar can vary a great deal from smoking them shortly after arriving off the truck to letting them rest in the humi for few weeks. :ss
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    My first box/bundles of everyday's???

    Tend to keep a box of Gispert Maddy on hand as a yard gar, usually can find them a reasonable price. :ss
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto

    About least expensive I have been able to find, if include the bonus 5 pak, bestcigarprice has them ranging from $90 for the Belicoso 5X54 (bonus + box of 20); to $77 (bonus + box of 20) for the Robusto 5X50. If recall, checkout does not indicate whether or not the item is in stock, when it...
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    Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto

    I agree, in March I came across a web site where the owner of a retail store periodically puts out a video and recommended the Perdomo Lot 23 for the reasons you mentioned. Purchased a box the same day, the out outlet store was also offering a bonus of Lot 23 Churchill Mad. 5 pac included in the...
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    Not sure, think I have a glass ash tray that will fit, if not, then will take measure'mts and the next time in the area of a second hand store see if I can find anything interesting, refuse to pay more than few dollars. There are several antique stores in the area, although, suspect they will be...
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    On impulse, and for no particular reason, put a min. bid of $13.77 and with no other bids, won the damn thing, with shipping came to total of $37.41. Can't wait to see what it looks like, may be top heavy. Anyhow, seems like it will be a nice addition, can't wait to set in out on the lawn...