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  • Oh yeah, by the way, congratulations on the newest member of the family joining you!!!

    Will begin roasting today and try to get this off to you by Saturday. Do you home roast??? As for expertise, it looks like you know the language better than I do as you're talking about brightness. I started roastin about 9 years ago with a little Fresh Roast that I still use. I brew coffee in a Bunn (or my french press if it is only me). I tried numerous coffee from various locales and farms - roasting them to different stages - and I even took copious notes for a while. I discovered that while I can taste some differences in all the variety, I don't take the time to savor a cup of coffee like I do my cigar or pipe - getting all the subtle nuances out of it - like I used to do.

    I'll hook you up with some of what has become my normal "blended" batch... when I blend. I think it is very good. We'll see if you can pick the different varietals out of it. :)

    Peace of the Lord be with you.

    Hey bud, got a package for you as the raffle winner. But, before I can ship, I have couple things to do. First, you coffee needs to be roasted. Would you like a straight blend - one type of bean from one farm, from one country (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Columbian Buccamarenga, Sumatran Mandheling)? Or, a blend? Do you need it ground, or do you have a grinder?

    Also, do you smoke a pipe? If not, I'll put in a couple extra cigars...

    Yeah, I know this is getting off late, but I was on vacation and away for a bit.

    Taking your point of view I can see the wow, but thanks for having me read it. I can relate as well.

    "…the contact is in good humor and harmless."
    "Pleasant manners succeed even with irritable people."
    "…people acquiesce and order reigns in society."

    B Well
    4. Meng

    A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain:
    The image of YOUTH.
    Thus the superior man fosters his character
    By thoroughness in all that he does.

    Hope all is well in babyland:)
    Thanks and thanks for the trader rating. Based on the trader message that can only mean that your package will arrive today. :D
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