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  • Gee I sure hope not!!! They have it in the bag - should probably cancel the rest of the season. :r
    Absolutely right Gary - the Angels are the best team in baseball. If they don't cruise to win the World Series they are definitely a team of choke artists this year. :ss
    Did I mess up ! your the Ostrich ! I figured you had to look in all directions for you know........................................................LTBHTF!
    Sox have been consistently bad on the road this year so it's not really a surprise that the Angels have taken 2 out of 3. Sox will win tonight.
    Mmmmm I think I'll light one up also after work. I liked those so much I bought more. Good luck flogging - I mean golfing. Bunch of guys are in a tournament today and dreading it. Noon tee off time - supposed to be 95 with dew point in the high 60's. The tobacco plants around here will grow like crazy and the golfers will wilt.
    Ya hopefully we can win a few when it counts this year:D Get some sleep and have a good day tomorrow buddy. I am waking up early to play some golf and then when I get home I am gonna light up one of those LGC's you sent me:dr
    Bah I woke up to check on the final score. Sox got killed - that's OK - Angels usually do well against the Sox when it doesn't count then fold in the playoffs Gary!!!! :D OK it's 2 AM - I have to get up in 3 hours for work - good thing is it's Saturday and I only have to work 4 hours then can come home and take a nappie (us old people need naps).....followed by lunch and a cigar and no friggin studying for the first weekend in a long time!!!!! :chk:chk:chk:chk
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