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    Highlights from Poker Herf

    That was a great night of fun indeed. Hopefully i'll play better next time. When is round 2? HR
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    Total Surprise

    I woke up this morning only to discover a surprise package sent to me from Tzaddi. When I opened it up, my surprise doubled. Wow, I had no idea this was coming my way. Thanks Richard!!!
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    Special Announcement for Cigar & Poker Lovers

    I will take a picture of my winnings for all to see come Saturday. HR
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    Special Announcement for Cigar & Poker Lovers

    aww can't wait only a few more weeks left. WHERE'S ALL THE PLAYERS AT? hope some more people join in on the fun. HR
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    Question for Ohio BOTL

    Last I knew it was completely illegal. even if it's private. most places/bars really won't say much. but you never know. I live 40 Min's away from Indiana so I meet my brother there and smoke at the local B&M. or smoke at home. HR
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    Oliva Package.

    Well first I would like to thank Ian.H for sending me some very very nice cigars. I was totally stoked to see they had arrived on Saturday. He sent them to me b/c I had a bad experience with one of the "G" series sicks.well after my last experience I can say that I like these sticks very much...
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    review on "OLIVA seris G"

    Thanks to everyone who sent me feedback. I will try them again and give it another shot. It could of been bad or it just could of been my taste buds. who knows. in any case thanks. once I do try them again I will let you know my thoughts and tell of the experience. TO REDRYNO. keep the RP it's...
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    review on "OLIVA seris G"

    This is my first review so here we go. actually it was my first trade. I spotted a "Oliva series G" From my brothers humi. It caught my eye right away. It even had me thinking I'm gonna stop at the B&M and get one for home. well it turns out my bro hooked me up. All I had to do was give him...
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    Favorite Rocky

    I had a Vintage 1992 boxed pressed and it was one of the better ones I've had. I liked it very much. HR
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    It's Finally Here...Say Hello To My Little Friend.

    Also Pandora radio is the best thanks. HR
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    It's Finally Here...Say Hello To My Little Friend.

    Red that looks great. Hope I can have one that nice someday. HR do you have a sponge in there that you put water on?
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    A Cigar Journal

    you need a chalk board out in the "sin shack". write down your likes and dislikes. HR
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    My Vacation...

    YES the rush book is great. for a guy who doesn't like to read much. it's an A++. super cool book about the band from day one till now. HR
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    My Vacation...

    A great smoke is ROCKY PATEL VINTAGE 1992 BOX PRESSED it was the best i've ever had. HR
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    My Vacation...

    it actually turned out to not be a leak and it wasn't in my house.Like I stated before it's a real long story. and everything was taken care of before I lit it up. HR