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    PA ban: My business was just notified...

    You don't get off that easy; most politicians are lawyers. :rolleyes:
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    PA ban: My business was just notified...

    I saw the thread title and thought they had banned Prince Albert. :D
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    New Orleans Cigar Factory

    Great smokes! I always try to pick up a Tres Hermanos and a beer at Crescent City Brewhouse whenever I'm in the French Quarter. :tu
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    Smokable?? It better be orgasmic! :D
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    heart felt beads

    I just drip water into them. I don't care if they break.
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    Does anybody do this???

    Shit! Money is money, but I wouldn't do that if I was on food stamps. :dr
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    How many beads for a 54qt cooler?

    Heartfelt Beads 540 cu inches = 1 ounce 1080 cu inches = 2 ounces 1620 cu inches = 3 ounces 2160 cu inches = 4 ounces 2700 cu inches = 5 ounces 3240 cu inches = 6 ounces 3780 cu inches = 7 ounces 4320 cu inches = 8 ounces 4860 cu inches = 9 ounces 5400 cu inches = 10 ounces 5940 cu...
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    Cooler of choice for a coolerdor?

    I think it's a waste of money to get a five day ice holder. Ya aint' gonna put ice in it. It just reduces the interior volume.
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    New here, Need humidor

    You'll need a few coolers, but ya have to have something somewhat nice too. You could get a decent box at:
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    What's Your Favorite Bed & Breakfeast Patrick Ashton's in New Orleans. (Home of CCCCC)
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    The Best Way to Humidify?

    (I guess you won't like my answer.) I don't think you can do better than Heartfelt beads.
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    Fire pits, chimnea's, outdoor heating options

    I have one of these: Plenty hot, no smoke and a lot less trouble than starting a fire.
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    Surgery time, yikes!

    I’ve only been cut twice; circumcision and vasectomy. Hmmm…hope that’s not a theme. Good luck!
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    Question ~ CAO Brazillia Piranhas

    I've never had anything like that happen with a Brazilia. I have a bunch of Piranha, Samba and Lambada. They age nicely, too. Most of mine are 4 - 6 yo.
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    What is Your Favorite Cigar Size?

    I used to like larger cigars, but now I prefer coronas.