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  • Smoked the Cohiba on Sat night. Great smoke... The first third was very smooth and sweet to the front of the tounge, after that it went sort of a buttery smooth. With about 1/5 left it got spicy... Not bad normally but it didn't fit in with the rest of the smoke. Outstanding, thanks again for for the gift. No KE, but pretty damn good!
    Nope I had a bad weekend for cigars... No matter what I smoked nothing tasted right, even my goto smokes were off - so I held off. We are having a party on Sat (Cajun themed food/seafood) so it is set up to be the guest of honor. Brining the unbanded one you passed to me as well.
    Workin' my azz into the ground, brutha--must be that time of year: too many projects coming due at once. :hn Ah well, taking next week off so I shouldn't complain. What's going on with you? (Oh, and :tu on the bump again--I'm STILL trying to hit you back for that herf! Guess I oughta do some spreadin', it won't let me!)
    My face hurts because they screwed up my back so bad last Wednesday that I keep making this crooked wrinkled face thing. It was the last part of my body that doesn't hurt. I'd say the medical community's job is now complete. :tu
    Hell yeah, but I'm on the phone most of the time so I just use the pc at the same time. Remember I sit at a desk most of the day..... multi-tasking. CS + Work= A GREAT DAY. :)
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