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    Hard Lemonade et al

    I have been trying these, and some have too much of a beer taste for my liking. Are there any other similar drinks out there that are not "malt beverages" yet are available in similar format to these? (6 packs, twist off caps, etc...)TIA!
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    need help fast! im at walmartl

    No doubt about it!
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    Were back from IRAQ

    Ditto the above posts!
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    What should I smoke from this grab bag?

    Not a bad stick in there IMO, I'd likely start with the CAO, then the DC, then the Onyx, then the DPG, then whatever. But not all in one day!
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    Man O' War Churchill

    Thanks for the review, I have a fiver resting in the big coolerdor.
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    my little brother.

    You and yours are in our prayers! May God heal your brother and richly Bless your family!
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    North Carolina JR Cigars

    Always stop at Statesville on my way to Mooresville.
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    Backyard Visitors!

    One more for BamBam:
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    Stopped at Target to get milk and bought a Vinotemp

    Expensive milk! Nice pick-up!
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    Backyard Visitors!

    I use a Canon 40D and a 400 5.6 prime lens for most of my bird shots.
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    Backyard Visitors!

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    Backyard Visitors!

    Yes- check out my website for many more pix of the various animals I've encountered on my mini farm- about five miles past "Resume Speed" on the Highway!
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    Backyard Visitors!

    Very nice. Bluebirds are pretty birds, and among the more fearless.(Hummers are the most fearless I've encountered.) Nice to live in an area that has so many birds. Have you seen any black wing redbirds? (Scarlet Tanagers) Or Indigo Buntings? That Bunting is also a lovely bird.
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    All of the above except Corona- not familiar- and I've kinda stopped buying from Thompson's as well. Also buy from Taboo, and too many others I can't recall at the moment! No local B&Ms here, I usually stop at J&Rs in Satesville, NC on my way to my outlaws and spend some coin...
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    Recent Trip to Fuente in the DR

    ¡Muy interesante! I noticed that none of the rollers were smoking, there seemed to be no smoke in the air, either. Quite a difference from other pix I've seen where all the rollers were also smoking!