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    Great Porterhouse dinner

    Very nice! You are missing a shot w/ the steak cut open so we can see how you cooked it but everything looks nice. I saw that steakhouse on the Food Network the other night... best steak in the nation... very cool.
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    Any sausage makers out there?

    So where do you get the casings? This sounds pretty cool.
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    how do u make your drink

    Now that sounds like something I could get into - does this call for a silver rum or a spiced rum or what?
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    how do u make your drink

    I've been big on Gin and Tonics lately because they are low in sugar and hard to screw up. Whiskey on the rocks is nice when I have the $$ for some decent whiskey. There are some cool cocktails in here.
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    Buffalo Wings

    Recently I've been cooking my own wings on the grill and in the oven... this thread has given me some great ideas tho...
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    Buffalo Wings

    yes... I am a wing fiend... love the wing. :)
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    Favorite Beer

    Too many to pick just one... I am a fan of Heineken, Yuengling, Guinness, and Sam Smith's Nut Brown Ale to name a few. For an absolute favorite, I can't come to a serious conclusion... it's just too hard. :D
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    Butter Beans! Simple and tasty

    I love how that guy just gets low and starts knocking people out. :tu
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    Oh, ok... so a half keg has 15 gallons and a full keg has about 30? Thats a lot of beer... ~250 lbs worth! Those half kegs are freaking heavy as it is... I can't imagine trying to move a full keg around.
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    Let’s see your latest haul! Beer, Liquor, Wine, etc...

    Nice. Hard to see what you have there besides the "Sexual Chocolate Stout" (sounds refreshing ;) ). What is the stuff in the wine bottles? Does beer cellar well? edit... clicked on the picture and I can see you have a couple other stouts there... can't exactly make out what the other stuff is tho.
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    really? last I checked US stands for America... patriot states founded by brewers! ;) Well, cant you at least borrow them with a deposit? It's sorta the same thing... unless all the kegs I've been tapping are half kegs or something. :P
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    Expanding my Rum Horizon...

    Yeah, another thread here turned me onto this stuff... makes a hell of a rum and coke! Venturing into the more expensive rums sounds delicious and all this talk of rum really is really making me thirsty. ;)
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    Found Absinthe

    Wow sounds cool... I'll have to try it at some point.
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    Eagle Rare / Buffalo Trace Whiskey

    good stuff guys, I might have to try some... I enjoy a smooth whiskey.
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    Eagle Rare / Buffalo Trace Whiskey

    Hi guys, I was at my local liquor store today and I saw a couple of these bottles. If I can remember this correctly the eagle rare was going for $25 / 750ML and the buffalo trace was going for $25/1L Are these some sort of limited production whiskeys? Is this a good deal? I've heard from this...