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    Of the Opus X

    Personally I love the Opus line. And if one takes the time to do some searching they can be found close to msrp. Have about 50 in my humi and will continue to hoard whenever I can! The longer they sit the better they get!:tu
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    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!
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    What was your first cigar?

    Machine Made Swisher Sweetway back in high school. Hand Rolled Rocky Patel Edge Lite
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    Do you care if your S.O. doesn't keep up?

    Face similar situation with my wife. Just do the best you can to balance things anyway possible. Doesn't always have to be about money.
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    Supporting your LB&M

    I do both. What I can't get at my local B&M's I order online.
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    B&M Getting Angry AT YOU?

    Never have that problem at my B&M. We go out of our way to make sure the customer gets the best smoking experience possible. Don't know what this guy's problem is.
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    Most smoke ever.

    Tony Soprano Signature Edition 6.5 x 60
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    ashton VSG

    Nice review. VSG is a great cigar.
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    Opus is in..

    :mad:None at my B&M!!:mad:
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    Congrats. But stay away from the nudie posts!:pu
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    I'm a Site Supporter how bout you!

    Proud to be a CS supporter.
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    Just had my first Bolivar today and wow!

    The CC variety are much better. So I've heard.:)
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    cigar ratings

    I don't pay a whole lot of attention to cigar ratings. I smoke what I like and not what a magazine ratings says. They are usually biased to their advertisers. I may use them as a source of what may turn out to be a good cigar, but often find myself differing with their opinion. Everyone has...
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    The REAL Dog Rocket?

    I have yet to try the Cremosa sent to me as a bonus by Darrell. Might have to break it out today and judge for myself.
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    Large Ring Guage