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    Wed I should be around.

    Wed I should be around.
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    A. Fuente Bands

    Is the Normal Fuente Churchill a sungrown?
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    A. Fuente Bands

    Arturo Fuente base line uses the green band. Arturo Fuente Don Carlos, Sun Grown and the Hemingway line use the same band but with black bottom. The Anejo line use the same band but with a white bottom and say Anejo on the bottom of the middle circle.
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    Which Online Retailer Do You Order From?

    :tpd: My first order from them was early one morning around 3am and my order showed up before noon. Got my smokes around 8 hours later, not to bad.
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    Using McDonalds as Pizza Topping

    Very Interesting! :D There is a place in Madison WI that has some of the most unusual but yet tasty pizza. Chicken Burrito, steak and fries, potato, blt, mac and cheese, eggplant parmesan, plus a ton more. It's great place to walk in anytime during the day or night and peruse the options.
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    What NC is most like an ISOM stick?

    The closest thing I've found to a cuban would be a Cabaiguan. :2
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    Good Faith For Two BOTL

    Will be thinking of you two Jon.
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    aging? really?

    Pretty much crap going in crap coming out. A bad NC will not turn into a good NC with time spent aging. :2
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    Supporting your LB&M

    When it comes to NC's about 95&% of it comes from my B&M. Like Tom said they don't carry some of my favorite sticks. :D
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    Opus X Storage / Aging question.

    I got a small amount of a few different opus from different years, all have cello on. Anejos on the other hand I took them out of the cedar from the mold issue from 07 I think. oh well thats my :2
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    Hey John! Welcome aboard.

    Hey John! Welcome aboard.
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    You should be able to get into the Bea Arthur Thread. :tu
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    High School Reunion Cigar?

    Base line Padron or AF 8-5-8.
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    Cooler owners?

    Right out of the cooler. It stays at 65%-66% and never had a problem yet.
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    When do you plan on getting to the Indiana herf? Are you heading back that night? I'm going...

    When do you plan on getting to the Indiana herf? Are you heading back that night? I'm going down with James maybe we can car pool and safe some cash?