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    Cubao No. 5

    Fantastic cigar! I think these are definitely fuller flavor-wise than any of the other 601 lines and knocked off my current 601 favorite for first place, which was the Habano Red Label. I don't find the 601 Green Label Oscuro strong at all.
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    Best 601

    I prefer the Reds (habano wrapper; these are great with a heavenly aroma, but can have a fragile wrapper at times on certain batches just like the Cuban Classics), Blacks (Conn. wrapper with a Nic filler and binder; one of the best Conn. wrapped sticks around and extremely flavorful) and then...
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    601 Black (Connecticut)

    One of my favorite Conn. wrapped cigars and probably one of the best Conn. wrapped cigars on the market today. Mucho flavor! The key is the all Pepin Nic. fillers and binder which really turns up the profile with the Conn. Shade wrapper.
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    What's the best machine made cigar you've ever had?

    Besides the Cuban machine-made cigars obviously, some really tasty NC cigars you can find occasionally in the large drug stores like CVS are the Topper Maduro Perfectos that come in a small white box and contain 3 cigars. These have a thick and oily P.A. broad-leaf maduro wrapper on them and are...
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    Calling Rob of Taboo... (some pics maybe nsfw)

    Re: Calling Rob of Taboo... God bless Texas! :tu
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    JML 1902 Churchill - WOW

    Matt, an excellent review and I'm glad you enjoyed the JML 1902 as much as I do. It is truly a unique cigar blend-wise with the Pennsylvania broad-leaf wrapper, Honduran binder and Dominican Ligero and Viso filler and certainly flavor-wise. One of my newer favorites and the churchies from all...
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    La Tradicion Cubana, opinions?

    The JML 1902 is by far their best IMO! It's an outstanding, unique blend with pepper, spice, coffee and chocolate notes.
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    El Cobre?

    I smoked a Churchill last night. These are full of flavor and excellent cigars and may be too strong for some people. It's a custom blend made by Oliva for only Discount Cigars. I'm not aware that these are sold anywhere else (It's their brand). The toro I had was no where near the strength or...
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    Rochester NY Herf

    Hey Jack, let's get it done!
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    Finding JFRs

    Not in your neck of the woods, but call Jim Cronin at Top Shelf Cigars. Personally, I think these are too mild and thin tasting, however, he should have some. Tell him JBI sent you: His Tropical made Black and Blue Labels are much better and he can mail you anything.
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    cfo advice

    Buy the Graffiti's which are Nic. puros. The #7's have a good amount of spice, but the Graffiti's are in a different league.
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    Cheapest Pepin

    Ditto, as I said above, I think the Pepin CI Legends are rank without much decent flavor. It really is the only Pepin blend IMO that sucks.
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    Little Havana Overruns are Back!

    Yeah, they are terrible, stay away! Delete this post!!!
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    Cheapest Pepin

    If we are talking around $60 ish or less, the Pepin 5 Vegas Miami win hands down IMHO. In fact, I like them better than some of the other lines that cost more, such as the Black Label (which I don't find that strong or peppery). It's just one of those blends that satisfies anytime (afternoon or...
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    Famous Nic Corojo!?1