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    CI Sale / Ghurka Question

    I really like the 8-Year Aged Legend
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    Wahoo!! MY opening day

    Gotta say, I have new found respect for Sox fans after that construction worker buried the Big Papi jersey at New Yankee stadium. $50,000 to dig it up? I do believe Hank might be even crazier than his old man.
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    Taboo: SF Original Robusto 5x54…

    Smoking one of these right now. Your review is dead on. Taboo will soon have yet another returning customer from CS. For all of you that haven't bought from Taboo yet, believe the hype!
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    Wahoo!! MY opening day

    Baseball season is here and I finally have the magic mix of good weather and spouse absence! I'm out in the garage with my laptop, Tribe game on the radio, and just put a flame to my first Taboo SF. Let me reiterate what many fellow gorillas have already said, Taboo makes one tasty cigar...
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    So, how much trouble am I going to get in?

    You could always whack her in the nose with a 2x4 as soon as she walks through the door. By the time her nose heals the smell should be long gone. :ss
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    The rules of the house....

    Restrictions aren't always a bad thing. My wife controls the money because she is CLEARLY better at it than I am. I fought the allowance idea at first, but in the end it was easier to give in. I've found that the secret to marriage is to pick your battles. That and you should nod your head...
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    The rules of the house....

    My wife and I have negotiated a very fair allowance for me before we got married. During the winter I use it to buy cigars and the rest of the year I golf and smoke the cigars I bought over the winter. I'm not allowed to smoke in the house either, so I just go down to the B&M
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    Mancaves: Cigar Sanctuary on DIY Network

    Where is the section on how to convince your wife to let you build a cigar room? THAT would be a how-to show worth watching.
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    Dream car challenege

    49 Mercury
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    I'm Gonna Be An Uncle!!!!

    Congrats man, being an uncle is the best. You know that you are obligated to buy the kid the loudest, most annoying toys they make right? My brother is still plotting his revenge for a fire truck I bought my nephew one year.
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    Anyone Interested?

    Nicely done. I've been saving bands for a similar project. I never thought of using wood from a cigar box as the "canvas". I may steal that idea.
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    Perdoma Lot 23

    PM me your address. I'll snag a couple for you next time I'm at the shop.
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    Behold the power of the Palio!!!

    Wow, it's been a whole week without a Palio endorsement? Let me correct that. Got one for Christmas and used it for the first time today. Wow. There aren't many things that live up to the hype these days, but the Palio did for sure.
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    Perdoma Lot 23

    Just had my first one today. Very good smoke for the price.