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    Working from home

    Once or twice a month, and usually around 11 I head up to the B&M, get on the wifi and spark a couple sticks.
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    Vino WAAAY off

    Correct, there is no air exchange. The RH drops because the cooling plate of the Peltier element is condensing the moisture. The more it runs the more humidity it turns into liquid. If you need to run the Vino a lot, you'll need humidification that can quickly replace it.
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    Additives in Cigars?

    I would guess that cigars (if you want to call them cigars) that are made from HTL probably have additives. Like White Owls and such. But everything handmade with real tobacco leaf should only have what momma nature put in there.
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    Wet tobacco & dry wrapper

    once you have the beads you will see a big difference i think. Also, just opening your humidor up doesn't mean it will dry out, it could make it worse. There are times throughout the year that the room I have my vinotemp in has a higher RH than the humi. Putting the dry beads in there will get...
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    Wet tobacco & dry wrapper

    OK. Well another thought is the wrappers aren't dry but too wet, as in they are bursting once they get hot. They will still look flakey etc.. But when the the cigar is over humidified, you will see the cigar swell as the moister heats up and the wrapper may split. How long are you waiting...
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    Wet tobacco & dry wrapper

    First thing you should do is test your hygro to make sure it accurate. Do a search for "Salt Test" to learn how to do this. I seen digitals that are off as much as +-5%. I think you'll find after a while that you'll like a little lower RH for your cigars. I shoot for somewhere in the 63-65...
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    Vinotemp Power Outage Question

    Just thought of another way. You could buy one of those Johnson external thermostats and set it to what ever.
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    Vinotemp Power Outage Question

    UPS is the only way I think. It doesn't worry me. I look in my Vino at least once a day, so a temp reset isn't usually a problem.
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    Humidity Question in Vinotemp

    Here is the easiest way to suck moisture out... Set the Vino really low, like as low as it will go. This will cause the Peltier element to condense moisture out of the air fast. Funnel that condensate into a container and discard every day. This will dry out the beads. Once the beads are white...
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    Do you smoke in your car?

    I smoke in my car just about everyday, rain or shine. Just like at home, don't care it it's hot or snowing, I'll be out there at least once a day to get my cigar on. My drive to work is usually under 30 min, so most car smoking is a pipe. I will smoke a cigar on longer trips, no problem. I...
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    How long does it take you to choose a cigar?

    :tpd: Sometimes I already have a cigar in mind and nothing else will do. Many other times I sit there talking to myself, "this, no not that... had that a couple days ago..bleh bleh bleh". If people were watching they'd think I had issues :D:D:D.
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    travel humi

    :tpd::tpd::tpd: This is what I use.
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    Cello Wrapper On Or Off?

    For short term storage, meaning going to be smoked and not intentionally aged, I would leave the cello on. For boxes that you are intentionally storing longterm, I would take the cello off and then wrap the box tight, IMO. We've all seen the yellow or even brown cellos from aged cigars, as...
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    Bundle Cigars - Which Are The Best?

    Hands down for me it is the TNT JDN Alts. Get the corona size, $27 a bundle. :tu:tu
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    Why do cigars not come pre-cut?

    It seems like most dry cured cigars come pre-cut, maybe that has something do with it. Maybe the wrappers are more brittle... I'm betting it goes back to tradition as well. A head cutting step was not part of production in times past, so why add it. It kind of cheapens the experience.