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    He's a professional student enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks!

    He's a professional student enrolled in the School of Hard Knocks!
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    My Custom Cigar Dossier and Ring Gauge Guide - A How-To with Pictures and Templates

    Outstanding first post to the community, Ben! Welcome to CS, and I think you're off to a wonderful start here! :tu
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    Call 1-900-4-JE3146 for a hot phone call! He's gotta pay for the cigars somehow! [JE3146] 2:10...

    Call 1-900-4-JE3146 for a hot phone call! He's gotta pay for the cigars somehow! [JE3146] 2:10 pm: i must have had a sexy voice [jquirit] 2:10 pm: Uh. And it was a male service tech? [ir13] 2:11 pm: he way gay jordan, he was hitting on you [JE3146] 2:11 pm: shit. he saved me money [JE3146]...
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    Project of the Day : Vinotemp Drop-in Chest of Drawers Prototype

    Looking good, sir! Using the existing guides to support the shelves is a great idea. As for the color.. who cares?! LOL. (I want mine in cherry) :tu
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    Gilberto Leon | 1921-2008

    I've probably driven past this shop a few times (when I use to live in LA) and never realized it's there. Sad to hear a passing of what sounds like a great individual and someone highly respected by those that bought his cigars.
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    Admit it

    I must know kung fu because I snatched a Tat Petite outta Mark's hand. :r Every once in a while you'll be able to catch me smoking a Punch Roths (the NC kind) Maduro. I don't keep them on-hand, but it's one of those "I'm in the mood for" type of things. They're tasty and I'm not afraid to...
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    Favorite summer drink

    Sangrias atm... I'm in the Oregon wine valley, so it has to involve wine *somehow*. :tu
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    5 bottles of Scotch $250 budget

    Time for another BBQ/scotch herf? Maybe this time Bigwaved and Lanthor would be able to attend. :tu
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    5 bottles of Scotch $250 budget

    Beware of this offer. Mark has been slowly corrupting us fellow Stumptown herfers with his offers of "try this whisky/scotch" when herfin' at his house. He let us sample this one scotch/whisky one night that was so smooth and had a "hard candy" finish. Too bad that single bottle would cost far...
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    BOTLs in Portland OR, Astoria

    If you're going to be nearby Downtown Portland, there's always Rich's ( As for Astoria, I've never gone cigar shopping there so I don't know if there's a B&M around those parts. Good luck with the fishing!
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    Project of the Day : Winador Drawers

    Figure tube (tubo) -> spacer -> drawer to make a handle.. you could slide a wooden dowel into the tube, and run a small gauge wood screw through the front of the drawer, down the pre-drilled spacer, and into the dowel in the tube (all pre-drilled to ease assembly and alignment and to prevent...
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    I made my first Youtube video. Hah!!!

    Now this needs to be combined with the other great YouTube "science video". What happens when you drop HCM beads into a bottle of Diet Coke? Will is spew like Mentos or explode? :r
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    It all comes down to personal preference to cutters. I personally use a Palio, but Mark (vstrommark) uses a Xikar because it works/fits better in his hands. Does that make one any better than the other? Nope, just goes to show that different mechanics work better for some people than other. My...
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    New Edicion Limitada Arrival !

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!
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    Uh-huh. Aren't you posting in the wrong forum for that kind of advice? :D The line-up looks really good, Economist! A nice range of cigars to try from depending on mood, situation, etc. I personally wouldn't go for the 5 Vegas Golds, but then again I'm not a light cigar smoker and can't really...