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    More Comedy

    I have to agree with James. The ability to appreciate the purchase lies in the eyes of the one who does the purchasing. This also goes for the seller.....IE the way things go on Ebay. I would be more than happy to pay 3k for a bamboo fly rod, but others may not see the reason. Others may not...
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    Woodchuck Draft Cider

    I like using it to soak pork in I am going to frill or smoke. Adds a great swettness. Also known to down one or two.
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    Cigars + active sports = ?

    We ahve a member of the forum who is a professional triathalete. He said that cigars have not affected him at all. Also know of two guys who regularly run marathons and have no issues.
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    Cigar side effect?

    This has been menioned many times. I would say it is due to the fact that you are actually setting for the extended period of time in a relaxed state. Yoga does the same thing by requiring you to fully relax yourself. Also may be do to the deeper breathing required to get smoke out of the cigar...
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    Aparently not, because you seem to feel the need to keep posting. From a totally unbiased(I have not already posted in this thread) point of view.... The original post was knida odd. It seemed you were saying this is an obvious problem.....then a bunch of people asked why it was wrong...
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    What do you listen to while you smoke...

    Being as I am a nature junky and live in a remote area.....nature. God's own symphony. Amazing what you hear when you stop to listen. And when I cut my hair and put the tie-dye away.....anything blues and rockabilly.
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    Cuban vs. the world

    Did you no think to ask them what they prefer to carry?? My experience is that other countries prefer Cuban cigars. I have found them to be better.
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    To RG or not to RG

    Don, Mr. Joed introduced me to the jos on smaller RG smokes. Panatellas and pc's have quickly become favorites no matter the vitola.
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    I am scared of Ron1YY

    Exlax and a sedative Ron......should clear all your irritability problems right up.
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    Rest in Peace Mother

    May you be content with the silver lining. Keep your head up. Family's need each other more during these times than ever.
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    Great New Year's Smoke

    Looks like we have a year to convert you. I will be bumping this thread a year from now when you post about what a great pipe you had!!!
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    The fabulous story of the cuban cigar

    I agree 100%. Very well done movie with tons of great info.
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    Maybe it's a churchill??

    Five. :tu
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    Maybe it's a churchill??

    Looks like cigars are finding their way into everything. Down with the non-cigar nazi. Cigar Lure
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    How Pepin would make the perfect cigar

    Funny, I read an article by him saying Cuban tobacco was subpar and overated.......yet it is in his ideal stick. Interesting.